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A quick glance at the various holidays celebrated in August reminds us that summer is winding down. August 3rd is Watermelon Day, on the 10th, we celebrate National S’Mores Day and on the 30th, we have more fun with Toasted Marshmallow Day. In addition, here are more interesting August holidays:

International Left-handers Day (13th) ; National Bad Poetry Day (18th); and, my personal favorite, National Senior Citizens Day (21st). Continue reading

Learn how to protect your pet from the heat, stay cool, and prevent heatstroke.

It’s important to protect pets from the heat to avoid heatstroke, which can be difficult to treat once it begins, and can be life threatening. Please observe and share the following guidelines and resources for keeping pets cool in hot weather.

Steps to keep your pets cool Continue reading

Paula Olson, The Northwest Connection

After a slow and manic start to summer weather, it appears it has finally arrived. Longer days coax us outside and clear blue skies with fresh air lure us out of bed in the mornings. We are inclined to put carpe diem into practice when we are invigorated by a beautiful day.

Some of the ways you can seize the day with your children lead you just steps outside of your own door. When my sister and I were young, my dad would occasionally bring home a sheet of photographic paper for us to set outside. We would lay objects down on the paper on the patio and then wait for the sun’s exposure to do its work. The paper would turn dark grey but when we removed the scissors, flower, necklace or whatever other objects we had lain on the top, the objects’ shapes were there in white, that is until the natural light exposure darkened them, too. Continue reading

A rise in complaints to home security company ADT, about door-to-doorsalesman claiming to be affiliated with the company in the Seattle-Tacoma area, prompted them to reach out to Better Business Bureau Serving the Northwest to help warn the public about these deceptive sales tactics.

Although many trustworthy companies solicit door-to-door, BBB and ADT warns homeowners to be alert of fraudulent security system salespeople making the rounds.

In June, a Washington woman was misled by a door-to-door alarm sales company claiming to be affiliated with ADT. They sold her an alarm panel that did not work properly and was beeping intermittently for 24 hours. She was able to get them to remove it and eventually reached out to ADT directly to get a new panel installed. Continue reading

Jon Bloom

Hope is to our soul what energy is to our body. Just like our bodies must have energy to keep going, our souls must have hope to keep going.
When our body needs energy, we eat food. But when our soul needs hope, what do we feed it? Promises.

Why do we feed our soul promises? Because promises have to do with our future, and hope is something we only feel about the future — about ten minutes from now, or ten months, or ten thousand years. Continue reading

Pastor Bill Ehmann, Wood Village Baptist Church

One has to have lived quite a few decades to remember traveling across the USA without interstate highways. With today’s multi-lane highways, younger people do not know what it was like on the two-way roads that wound their way up and down steep inclines as they connected every town along the way.

I am quick to admit to having no desire to return to those days. But it is true that they had some assets that are lost with the interstates. Travel was slower, which usually meant we saw more scenery, stopped more often and connected with more people in their communities.

Tourists made mom-and-pop stores a thriving business. Every small town had one or several motels operated by local families. If you were in the habit of Sunday church, you probably visited one. That is how some of us were able to keep our perfect attendance record. Overall, the pace of life was slower and people took more time to enjoy the journey. Continue reading

By Paul Driessen

Life without oil, natural gas and coal would most likely be nasty, brutish and short.

Al Gore’s new movie, a New York Times article on the final Obama Era “manmade climate disaster” report, and a piece saying wrathful people twelve years from now will hang hundreds of “climate deniers” are a tiny sample of Climate Hysteria and Anti-Trump Resistance rising to a crescendo. If we don’t end our evil fossil-fuel-burning lifestyles and go 100% renewable Right Now, we are doomed, they rail. Continue reading

Tj Saling Caldwell, The Northwest Connection

Running through my neighborhood recently, I started praying for the people around me. The Lord is definitely growing in me a love for my neighbors, and praying for them is becoming more routine. This particular day, I started praying big, crazy prayers; “Lord heal marriages; restore broken relationships; deliver people from sickness, disease, addictions; bring Your salvation to families”. I felt empowered as I prayed verses that came to mind for each situation. Then I asked God to release an army of His angels to surround my neighborhood and battle against every evil and dark force affecting us. Continue reading

By Connie Warnock, NW Connection

All the sunshine and flowers have brought forth a larger than usual show of Tiger Swallowtail butterflies; the lovely yellow ones with black markings and a long, separated tail. They love the bushes with cone shaped clusters of tiny purple flowers and the roses. These lovely insects are my favorites for a very special reason.

The Sunday before my mother died, she had disappeared into a comatose state; at once a blessing and a sadness. I had given my sister a much needed respite from sitting beside her as she lay in a hospital bed in her family room. The sliding glass doors leading to the patio were open. The scene was one she had always loved. The blooming roses and myriad of other flowers were periodically covered with the Tiger Swallowtail butterflies. They were Mom’s favorites, also. She had once spent happy hours sitting among them. Continue reading

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