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Music Mondays is a summer event in the park in downtown Gresham. Music is a fusion of voice, harmonics, and instruments. These elements come together to unite our community. Music in the park is an expression of who we are as a community of forest dwellers.

We bring our chairs and find just the perfect place to create a makeshift living room in the park. We hunker down ready to feast on satisfying sounds and symmetry. The music begins with light shades of notes building rhythm blending into one voice.

A huge pine sits center stage in the park. The branches at the top of the old pine gently move with the slightest breeze as birds gracefully glide across the sky. Our senses heighten in surrender as we relax into the music. Continue reading

Reading stories about hurting people in many countries makes me pause to give thanks for what I enjoy. Thousands of people in all age groups try to escape crime and starvation by entering another country – often facing new challenges of lack of employment, housing and education.

I am impressed by the efforts of churches to offer help to as many people as possible. It must cause daily heartbreak to try to assist while realizing that the majority continue to go without help. It hurts to think about children going to bed hungry and missing the opportunity to attend school. Continue reading

Recently I read a book by a physicist trained at MIT. His intention was to convince his readers that the six days of biblical creation are exactly the same as the 15 billion years which some people think the earth has existed. He lost me in his discussion about the stretching of time and its super-compression. Definitely beyond my intellectual capacity. While it’s fascinating to contemplate the science behind creation, I can’t help but think we get a little lost in the details. Reading books filled with such theories makes me all the more thankful for the simplicity of the gospel.

But in an age when we have more and more complex technologies being unveiled almost monthly, I wonder if some people assume the gospel is too simple for our tech-savvy culture because it doesn’t have the ring of newness or complexity. With new information exploding all around us, I wonder if some people mistakenly consider the gospel to be “ancient literature” having little value for today’s sophisticated intellect. Continue reading

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)

Its not seditious. It’s worse than that. It’s not racist. It’s worse than that. It’s not homophobic. It’s worse than that. What could be worse than all of these things? Criticism of the media!

Welcome to the weird world of the People’s Republic of Portland, where the newspaper of record, The Oregonian, lives in its own little world that has shifted so far left that it is no longer tolerant of any ideas that smack of reasonableness, liberalism, or, horrors, dissent! The only questions of merit for them are how fast their complete takeover of our society will proceed. Is violence OK? Do they allow endless hate speech if it directed at those of us who stand in their way? And what about censorship? Should they completely silence all educated voices that may seem middle-of-the road or slightly right of center? Continue reading

John Shanahan

Who is helping to create a better world? Who is determined to hold everyone back?

The world has changed tremendously since the early 1800s, as the growing use of fossil fuels made life on Earth increasingly better for most of us. People have far better, longer lives. Economies are better, stronger, more vibrant, more adaptable. Health care, education, transportation have improved greatly. Most governments are more stable and peaceful. There is less human pressure on the environment. Continue reading

Dr. Jay Lehr

Tom Harris

San Francisco Climate Action Summit intends to set the stage for controlling our lives

Batten down the hatches! A tsunami of global warming and “clean energy” propaganda is approaching! San Francisco is hosting the September 12-14 Global Climate Action Summit, a massive event at which “international and local leaders from states, regions, cities, businesses, investors and civil society … will be joined by national government leaders, scientists, students, nonprofits and others … [to share] what they have achieved to date and commit to doing more to usher in the era of decarbonization.” Continue reading

Dr. Tim Ball

Tom Harris

Why is the US EPA still determined to control plant food and drive up electricity prices?

On August 29, 2018, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a press release “EPA Acting Administrator tours Ohio to promote ACE rule,” his proposed Affordable Clean Energy rule.

According to the release, the Trump Administration’s proposed rule will “replace the Clean Power Plan [CPP] and establish emission guidelines for [U.S.] states to develop plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.” Continue reading

Replacing Clean Power Plan with less harmful ACE rule does not fix fraudulent CO2 science

As the Punic Wars dragged on, Cato the Elder reportedly concluded every speech to the Roman Senate by proclaiming “Carthago delenda est” – “Carthage must be destroyed.”

Ample evidence suggests that the Obama era Environmental Protection Agency’s “Endangerment Finding” was devised in violation of basic scientific and transparency principles that ignored or excluded extensive evidence that contradicted its preordained outcome. The EF was then used to justify anti-fossil fuel rules that seriously harmed the energy security, jobs, health and welfare of millions of Americans. Continue reading

Nine states and the District of Columbia have now legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Is this a good thing? (Medicinal use is legal in 29 states.)

With loosening standards, it is no surprise that marijuana use is up across the board. Last year, 14% of Americans – one in seven – used pot. Laws actually do make a difference here, as 20% of Americans used pot where it is legal while only 12% used pot where it is against the law. The old saying is that “the law is a teacher,” and this serves as an example.

Citizens in a Christian country such as ours tend to have a high degree of regard and respect for the law, and by and large carry with them an assumption that lawmakers have put some thought and exercised some prudence in forming our laws. Continue reading

Portland’s Metro Council plans to award grants for its Investment and Innovation program this fall. The program seeks to strengthen the local infrastructure for waste reduction; but with a combination of corporate welfare and vague performance measures, its methods are murky at best and unethical at worst.

With $9 million in funding over three years, Metro’s program offers grants of up to $500,000 to both non-profit and for-profit organizations for projects in line with Metro’s waste reduction goals. The grants are limited to costs tied to waste reduction projects; but padding companies’ expenses to benefit these Continue reading

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