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By Paul Driessen

Life without oil, natural gas and coal would most likely be nasty, brutish and short.

Al Gore’s new movie, a New York Times article on the final Obama Era “manmade climate disaster” report, and a piece saying wrathful people twelve years from now will hang hundreds of “climate deniers” are a tiny sample of Climate Hysteria and Anti-Trump Resistance rising to a crescendo. If we don’t end our evil fossil-fuel-burning lifestyles and go 100% renewable Right Now, we are doomed, they rail. Continue reading

Tj Saling Caldwell, The Northwest Connection

Running through my neighborhood recently, I started praying for the people around me. The Lord is definitely growing in me a love for my neighbors, and praying for them is becoming more routine. This particular day, I started praying big, crazy prayers; “Lord heal marriages; restore broken relationships; deliver people from sickness, disease, addictions; bring Your salvation to families”. I felt empowered as I prayed verses that came to mind for each situation. Then I asked God to release an army of His angels to surround my neighborhood and battle against every evil and dark force affecting us. Continue reading

By Connie Warnock, NW Connection

All the sunshine and flowers have brought forth a larger than usual show of Tiger Swallowtail butterflies; the lovely yellow ones with black markings and a long, separated tail. They love the bushes with cone shaped clusters of tiny purple flowers and the roses. These lovely insects are my favorites for a very special reason.

The Sunday before my mother died, she had disappeared into a comatose state; at once a blessing and a sadness. I had given my sister a much needed respite from sitting beside her as she lay in a hospital bed in her family room. The sliding glass doors leading to the patio were open. The scene was one she had always loved. The blooming roses and myriad of other flowers were periodically covered with the Tiger Swallowtail butterflies. They were Mom’s favorites, also. She had once spent happy hours sitting among them. Continue reading

Edmund Pierzchala, The Northwest Connection


Flag of the Armia Krajowa; the symbol on the flag (called Kotwica”) is a combination of letters “P” and “W” (“Polska Walcząca”, i.e. “Fighting Poland”)

The West will never ever be broken.” These words, spoken by President Donald Trump in Warsaw are much needed today. But why Warsaw? On his West-ward mission, couldn’t he have picked a truly Western European city?

Today, Warsaw is geographically closer to Poland’s Eastern borders than to the West. Yet politically and culturally, she claims heritage of a truly Western city, while also a bridge to the East.

Trump’s speech was delivered at Krasinski Square, a large plaza in front of the Field Cathedral of the Polish Army, across Dluga (Long) Street, whose cobble stones were once soaked with the blood of Warsaw Uprising fighters.

At 5pm on August 1st, 1944, one of the most complicated dramas of modern history started unfolding.The Wehrmacht was in retreat ever since the Battle of Stalingrad turned the tide of WW II, a year-and-a-half before. Continue reading

Victoria Larson, N.D.

We’re finally past “January” in Oregon and the vagaries of July, so we can actually find outdoor weather a little more reliable. Residents of Oregon and visitors as well, it’s time to take a hike in our beautiful countryside. Always with a cellphone, water, food, and a jacket in order to be prepared “just in case.” A good motto no matter what you are planning.

A trail map and a plant and/or animal guide is always a good idea too. While I’ve made it a point to know my animals, it’s the plants (especially herbs and weeds) that I’ve been trained in. The natural world appeals to me way more than Big Pharmacy, though there is a place for both in our modern society.
Rather than buying over-processed herbal preparations in plastic bottles from a large profit-oriented outlet, I prefer to be closer to the source and know what I’m using. Sort of like going to the farmers’ market or food co-op rather than buying processed, over packaged foods from faraway lands in a big-box store. Continue reading

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)

Phil Mote, Oregon Research Institute, Oregon State University

New evidence developed by Pacific Northwest scientists, with help from around the world, strongly questions not only the conclusions of ‘Official Climate Science’ here in Oregon, but also the competence of those paid to keep grinding it out. It is a story of greed and ideology overwhelming those qualities typically associated with scientists: technical ability, vast curiosity, and great honesty.

Of all the concerns that Americans have, this story has consistently ranked dead last – until now. Pollsters tell us that ‘Collusion with Russia’ has claimed the biggest yawn. People have grown so tired of hearing Russian conspiracy theories from Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media that apocalyptic climate theories (also a favorite of the elites) do not bore them quite as much. Even though the average guy likely has little knowledge of either topic, he does have enough common sense to spot the rubbish. Continue reading

Corbett Fire Department needs you!

Corbett Fire Department is an all- volunteer fire department that serves the Corbett, Aims, and Springdale communities. Currently the department has 32 volunteers with a Chief who works ½ time. In 2016 the department responded to 470 calls for assistance. Both women and men are urged to apply. In the 2016 recruiting class, two of the members were women. In addition, Tessie Adams a Corbett volunteer, was selected as Oregon Volunteer Firefighter of the year for 2017. All age groups should consider joining; currently the ages of the firefighters in the department range from 20 to 70 years. Training is a high priority and new members are not required to have previous firefighting or medical training. The Corbett Fire Department will provide firefighting and medical training before new members can respond to calls.

Firefighting doesn’t have to involve fighting fire! Last year the department responded to medical calls, rope and water rescue calls, vehicle accidents, hazardous materials incidents, as well as structure, vehicle, and wildland fires. Continue reading

Bryan Fischer, Follow me on Twitter: @BryanJFischer, on Facebook at “Focal Point”

God, science, and the Bible agree: there are just two genders: male and female. We’re told quite explicitly in Genesis 1:27 “male and female he created them.”

Biological science confirms this. If a child is conceived with an X+Y combination of genes, he is a boy from the moment of conception and will be a male until the day he dies. If a child is conceived with an X+X combination, she is a girl from the moment of conception and will be a female until the day she dies.

Now Facebook wants us to believe there are 58 genders and that there is no connection between biology and sexual identity. Science fiction tells us there are multiple genders, and that gender is fluid and can change from day to day.

But science tells us something different, that there are just two sexes, with sexual identity fixed at conception. For members of the reality-based community, there are two and only two genders. There always have been just two genders, and there always will be just two genders. Continue reading

John A. Charles, Jr. President and CEO, Cascade Policy Institute

Last month Governor Kate Brown gave a speech to Portland activists promising to secure carbon-pricing legislation in next year’s one-month legislative session. A few days later, she met with Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke and urged him to maintain or expand the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Southern Oregon.

Clearly, the Governor is getting bad advice about environmental priorities. Carbon dioxide is not a pollutant; it’s a beneficial gas that is essential for plant growth. If the Governor continues Oregon’s “war on carbon,” she will impose great costs on the economy with no offsetting benefits.

Similarly, there was no need for the Governor to lobby on behalf of national monument expansion when Oregon already has plenty of federal land in protected status. She should have used her time with Secretary Zinke to argue for improved management of BLM lands in Oregon, including forest thinning and increased timber harvesting. Without active management, all public lands—including parks, wilderness areas and national monuments—will continue to be threatened by Oregon’s top environmental risk: catastrophic wildfires. Continue reading

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