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Victoria Larson, N.D.

My columns of the past few months have all been about the Blue Zones. Those areas on Earth where many citizens live longer, healthier lives than most people in the United States. Greece, Japan, Sardinia, and Costa Rica all qualify as Blue Zones. Even Loma Linda, California, where most people are vegetarians, live an average lifespan of ten years longer than the rest of the United States as a whole.

First of all, almost all of the Blue Zones are in areas that Americans tend to think of as “underdeveloped” and cut off by water. When I look at the Blue Zone areas (with the possible exception of Loma Linda, California) I sometimes think that just living in such a beautiful area , surrounded by gorgeous, blue unpolluted water would be enough to lead to a better life. And these places have plenty of natural sunlight without smog. And few roads. I’m reminded of the couple (he was a doc and she was a judge) on my Costa Rica trip who wanted “the roads fixed.” That would, of course, brought in a bigger population and totally changed the character of Costa Rica. I was there twenty years ago. Maybe it’s already happened. Maybe our worldwide population is already growing that rapidly. Continue reading

Helen Maguire

Painting: “The Spirit of ’76” (aka Yankee Doodle Dandy) by Archibald MacNeal Willard, c1875

The first version of “Yankee Doodle” is generally attributed to a British army physician, Dr. Richard Schuckberg, during the French and Indian War. It was a satiric look at New England’s Yankees. According to one story, Shuckburgh wrote the song after seeing the appearance of Colonial troops under Colonel Thomas Fitch, V, the son of Connecticut Governor Thomas Fitch. It is believed that the tune comes from the nursery rhyme Lucy Locket.

“Brother Ephraim sold his cow
And bought him a commission
And then he went to Canada
To fight for the nation;
But when Ephraim,
he came home
He proved an arrant coward,
He wouldn’t fight the
Frenchmen there
For fear of being devoured.
Sheep’s head and vinegar
Buttermilk and tansy
Boston Is a Yankee town,
Sing “Hey, doodle dandy!” Continue reading

Professor Emeritus at the University of Victoria, Canada

Today bigger, supremely powerful global governments are justified by environmental claims

Through the ages, the suffering, destruction and murder perpetrated by governments like those of Caligula, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Castro and their ilk reduces the evil of common criminals like Al Capone, Daniel Ortega, Bernie Madoff and El Chapo to the scale of breaking wind at Sunday dinner.

There is a historical lesson here for any of us who would entrust our sustenance, security and happiness to government. History teaches us that when governments go bad, they can really stink – enough to make us ashamed of our very species. But the more we entrust to government, the bigger it gets; and the bigger it gets, the more likely it is to become our ill-odored, malignant master, instead of our servant or helper. Continue reading

A week-old greater flamingo chick learns to walk. ©Oregon Zoo/ photo by Shervin Hess

The fluffy 2-week-old chicks are being hand-reared at the Oregon Zoo

The Oregon Zoo’s bird family was tickled pink this week as five fluffy baby flamingos learned to walk. The 2-week-old muffin-sized chicks are the first flamingos to hatch at the zoo.

“The chicks have really long legs, so they were pretty wobbly at first,” said senior flamingo keeper Barbara Suhn. “But they’re getting really good on their feet. They’ll be running around the zoo in no time.”

For video of the chicks, visit

Keepers take the fluffy chicks out of the nursery twice daily for short sunny walks and swim sessions. According to Suhn, the tiny gray birds are already full of personality and like to keep their care staff on their toes. Continue reading

 Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-life Union:

The crazies get crazier! Miss World America organization is under fire after stripping 20 year old Kathy Zhu of her Miss Michigan World title for her support of President Donald Trump.

Apparently, she also tweeted about ‘black on black crime’ which even black people know is a real concern.

Another faux pas, according to the Michigan World pageant organizers, was miss Zhu made a tweet about trying on hijabs.

Let me think about this, if I was asked: “Day, want to try on a hijab?” My response would be: “Hijab? No way Jose!”

The thing is, it also wouldn’t make any sense for random folks to try on yamakas, a nun’s habit, or prayer cloths just for the heck of it. So, what’s the beef here?

Think about it, is this really where we are in America? Continue reading

By Paul Driessen

House legislation to ban neonicotinoids in wildlife refuges would hurt bees and wildlife

The battle over neonicotinoid pesticides rages on. In response to one of many collusive sue-and-settle lawsuits between environmentalist groups and Obama environmental officials, in 2014 the Department of the Interior’s Fish & Wildlife Service banned neonic use in wildlife refuges.

Following a careful review of extensive scientific studies, the Trump Interior Department concluded that neonics are safe for humans, bees, other wildlife and the environment. In August 2018 it reversed the ban. Continue reading

Susan Gallagher, Parents Rights In Education

There is a clear political agenda to destroy the traditional family in America, and it’s facilitated by public schools. Never before have all parents been legally “separated” from their minor children by the government. Until now, the American family was considered to be the foundation of civic life; the smallest form of government, where children are taught responsibility, respect for authority, and national pride.

In 2005 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found in Fields v. Palmdale School District “that the Meyer-

Pierce right [of parents to direct the upbringing of their children] does not exist beyond the threshold of the school door. We conclude that the parents are possessed of no constitutional right to prevent the public schools from providing information on the subject [of sexuality] to their students in any forum or manner they select.” Although, schools claim students can OPT-OUT of offensive curriculum, it has become more difficult because the content is taught in every subject from Health to History. Continue reading

Marlon Furtado

Do you sometimes feel alone and afraid? Do you enjoy meeting new and unexpected challenges? Or are you like me, preferring routine? Do you have a tendency to see life as “a cup half full” or do you find yourself seeing things more as “a cup half empty?”

It’s easy to interpret circumstances and interruptions from our perspective rather than from God’s vantage spot. Let’s look at two widely divergent responses to trouble in 2 Kings, chapter 6. Here’s a little background. Israel and Syria are at war. God forewarns Israel’s prophet Elisha of Syria’s military plans, and Elisha warns the king of Israel. This happens so frequently that the king of Syria expects he has a spy in his camp. Learning that the culprit is Elisha, the Syrian king sends his army at night to capture the prophet.

This is where the story gets so exciting! When Elisha and his servant went to bed, all was safe and quiet. In the morning Elisha’s assistant gets up early and goes outside for fresh air before starting his day. What he saw freaked him out! He ran back into the house to tell Elisha that the city was surrounded by the Syrian army. Frantically, he asked the prophet, “What are we going to do? They are here to kill us! There’s no way out.” Continue reading

A perfect storm is brewing in Planned Parenthood’s lawsuit against David Daleiden and his fellow investigators at the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). On Wednesday July 17, federal District Court Judge William Orrick will hear nine motions brought by the pro-life defendants, represented by Life Legal and other legal groups, and one motion brought by Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the nine Planned Parenthood affiliates.

Four years ago today, CMP released the first of a series of videos showing Planned Parenthood officials negotiating the sale of baby body parts for profit. Shortly after the release, Planned Parenthood sued CMP and its board members for millions in damages. The abortion giant maintains it had to increase security at many of its affiliates because of a “dramatic increase in the threats, harassment, and criminal activities targeting abortion providers,” including nearly 850 incidents of vandalism alone in July and August of 2015 and a nine-fold increase in “security incidents” following the release. Continue reading

New video documents devastating impact of renewable energy expansion on  UK wildlife and countryside.

London, 12 July: The accelerating deployment of massive wind, solar and biofuels farms all over the UK are devastating our natural environment and wildlife.

The UK government’s ‘net zero’ agenda has committed Britain to phasing out all forms of fossil fuels. Yet the accelerating deployment of renewable energy projects all over the UK are devastating our natural environment and wildlife.

Thousands of square miles of countryside are being industrialised by the deployment of huge solar and wind farms as well the rapid expansion of biofuel crops cultivation.

This short video gives a snapshot of the scale of both the planned transformation of the landscape, and the departure of green organisations from their founding purpose to protect Britain’s wildlife and natural heritage – a cause which has been abandoned in favour of alignment with the government’s climate and energy policies.

click on image to watch video

see also two new papers:


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