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Twentieth Century Fox presents BREAKTHROUGH, based on the incredible true story of one mother’s unfaltering love in the face of impossible odds. When Joyce Smith’s (Crissy Metz) adopted son John falls through an icy Missouri lake, all hope seems lost. But as John lies lifeless, Joyce refuses to give up. Her steadfast belief inspires those around her to continue to pray for John’s recovery, even in the face of every case history and scientific prediction.

Produced by DeVon Franklin (MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN), and directed by Roxann Dawson (HOUSE of CARDS), and adapted for the screen by Grant Nieporte (SEVEN POUNDS), from Joyce Smith’s own book, BREAKTHROUGH is an enthralling reminder that faith and love can create a mountain of hope and sometimes even a miracle.

The days are getting longer as winter is coming to an end and spring is bringing new life. Soon, Hood River Valley will be covered in colorful floral displays as pear, cherry and apple buds blossom across thousands of acres of orchard that make this valley so special. Help us celebrate this momentous event at our annual 2019 Blossom Fest Craft Show and Blossom Fest Quilt Show and Sale.

These two popular events take place Saturday and Sunday, April 20-21, from 10am to 5pm. The fairgrounds are located in the midst of orchard country at 3020 Wy’east Road, near the community of Odell.

The Blossom Craft show features something for everyone. Over 120 vendors from around the Northwest will be on hand offering unique arts and crafts, garden art, rhododendrons, azaleas and other yard plants, handcrafted home furnishings and decorations, gourmet foods, wine tasting, jewelry, pottery, clothing, and much more.

Odell Garden Club will hold their popular plant sale Saturday. The Hood River Valley High School FFA organization will be Continue reading

The film is scheduled to be presented on the evening of Good Friday, April 19, at 7:00 p.m. on the public sidewalk right in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Washington, D.C. located at 1225 4th St. NE.

“Unplanned” is based on Abby Johnson’s national bestseller which follows her personal journey from being Planned Parenthood’s youngest clinic director to embracing a pro-life/pro-women’s position while renouncing the work of Planned Parenthood relating to abortion.

The film has generated strong emotions across America and ignited a national conversation on the role of Planned Parenthood and abortion.

“Unplanned” has also faced unprecedented censorship and discrimination from avenues such as Google and Twitter along with having their ads rejected by networks like Hallmark, Bravo, The Food Network, Lifetime and many others.

Rev. Patrick Mahoney, the Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, who is sponsoring this special viewing, states;

Continue reading

Led by the Gates Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, the Packard Foundation, and the Ford Foundation, in excess of $300,000,000 (three hundred million dollars) is given by foundations annually toward abortion, promiscuity education, and contraceptives for children. Life Research Institute needs a volunteer, anywhere in the country, to help educate the board members of all foundations which give money toward these three causes.

This Educate the Foundations Project is to be annual, and work can begin every October and be finished in November. It is estimated that the volunteer would need to work only 70 hours per year. He or she must be somewhat proficient with Word and Excel. Also, the volunteer must be in a position to recruit other helpers to stuff envelopes with the educational material. Continue reading

John R. Charles, Jr. President, Cascade Policy Institute

Testimony Before the Joint Subcommittee on Capital Construction HB 5005

Members of the subcommittee, my name is John Charles and I am President and CEO of Cascade Policy Institute, a nonpartisan policy research organization.

Most witnesses ask you to spend money. I am here asking you to save money – by deleting the Governor’s request for $27.5 million in lottery-backed bonds for TriMet’s planned light rail line to Bridgeport Village mall near Tualatin.

It’s important to note that HB 5005 is actually the first part of a two-part request for this project. As Ms. Gabriel stated in her April 5 briefing, the Governor will be asking for an additional $125 million of bond revenue in the next biennium, so you should really think of this as an appropriation of $152.5 million. Continue reading

Fishery managers from Oregon and Washington added two additional days, Saturday April 20 and Sunday April 21, to the lower Columbia spring Chinook fishery.

The previous open days, which occurred last weekend, resulted in low catch rates due to poor water conditions. The open area remains unchanged from earlier this season, which is the Columbia River mainstem from the Warrior Rock deadline upstream to Beacon Rock, for both boat and bank angling, plus bank angling only from Beacon Rock upstream to the Bonneville Dam deadline.

The adult daily bag limit is two hatchery salmonids (Chinook or steelhead) per day but only one may be a Chinook.

The additional spring Chinook fishing time was approved after a second in-season review confirmed this fishery had only used about 40 percent of its buffered upriver spring Chinook harvest guideline through April 14.

A Joint State hearing is scheduled for 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 24 to review updated harvest and run information.

For more information, including regulation updates, visit ODFW’s online fishing reports at

Eric Fruits, Ph.D.

I’ve got a big family, which means we do a lot of laundry. With our old appliances, we were doing a load a day and there was a backlog of dirty clothes.

When our old washer and dryer went kaput, we decided on an upgrade. I bought the biggest, most energy efficient washer and dryer I could afford. I figured with bigger loads, we’d be doing fewer loads. But in some ways, I was wrong. Sure, the new washer and dryer could hold a lot more laundry, but we were still doing about a load a day.

However, something changed: The backlog of dirty clothes disappeared, and our utility bills decreased. Even though we are still Continue reading

Miranda Bonifield

April 16 was the first day of 2019 where the money Americans have earned finally exceeded the portion of our income dedicated to the support of the government. Tax Freedom Day is an annual reminder of the real cost of expanding government’s power and responsibilities. The $5.2 trillion we spend on taxes in 2019—29% of our income—will outpace our spending on food, clothing, and shelter combined.

Unfortunately, this is only what we’ll pay this year—not what the government will spend. If annual federal borrowing were taken into account, Tax Freedom Day would fall on May 8, meaning we would work nearly half of this year to support government programs. Continue reading

Jim Wagner, The Northwest Connection

If you allow your mind to travel back through time to the arrival of Columbus in the new world, you are nearly half way to the laying of the foundation for the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.

The first article linked below was written the day before yesterday’s Notre Dame Cathedral fire. In view of the content of that article and the facts reported, I have two questions. First, is it not curious that French authorities have already ruled out arson, especially since they announced this morning (April 16) that it will not be safe for them to enter the structure for two more days? Do not arson investigators normally need to examine the site before they announce their conclusion?

Secondly, given the extent of recent Christian church desecration in France (, is it not odd that authorities and the press consider it “racist” or “Islamophobic” to entertain the possibility that the fire was Continue reading

Marlon Furtado

Photo credit: staff (2014). “Medical gallery of Blausen Medical 2014”. WikiJournal of Medicine 1 (2)

Hopefully this article won’t be too technical or uninteresting. My purpose is to convince you that the physical process of hearing can only be explained as the brilliance of God’s design and creation. It is far too complex to be the result of Darwin’s evolution.

If evolution were true then humanity is nothing more than the result of a long string of random changes that have fortunately, but accidentally, produced a DNA so complex that it is able to guide every step of your development in your mother’s womb. Evolution’s tenet is that these changes occurred slowly, by piecemeal, over a very long period of time without any design. After you read this article, I’d like to hear how plausible you think it is for our hearing to be anything but God’s magnificent design.

Our ear captures sound waves and directs those waves down our ear canal into our skull to a thin eardrum at its far end. Extending from the back of our throat into our skull is the eustachian tube, which forms the middle ear on the inner side of your eardrum. This tube serves to equalize air pressure on both sides of the eardrum (that’s why you open your mouth when you drive up the mountain or take off in an airplane). Within that tube are 3 very small bones which are connected to one another, the hammer, anvil, and stirrup. Continue reading

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