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John A. Charles, Jr.

Last month, the Metro Council voted to send a regional payroll tax to the November ballot. The rationale for the new $250-million-a-year tax is primarily to help fund a 12-mile light rail extension from Portland to Bridgeport Village in Tigard. It will also pay for a smattering of minor transportation projects throughout the region, but those are just ornaments on the tree.

There are at least three problems with this proposal. The first is that we already pay two transit taxes: the TriMet payroll tax assessed on employers, and the statewide transit tax collected from employees’ paychecks that was adopted by the Legislature in 2017. Most people don’t benefit from either one, because they don’t use transit. Adding a third tax to pay for light rail to Tigard ¬– called the Southwest Corridor project – makes no sense.

Second, light rail ridership peaked in 2012 and has been dropping ever since. Now, amid the coronavirus pandemic, it is down about 70% from last July, according to TriMet ridership numbers. With many worried about the inability to physically distance on public transit and the prospect that some may work from home permanently, more rail is the wrong project at the wrong time. Continue reading

Clackamas County Sheriff Craig Roberts

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office will not be sending our staff into the City of Portland. We will assist the Oregon State Police with their calls for service in Clackamas County as needed while their resources are deployed in Portland.

Statement from Sheriff Roberts

On Sunday, August 30th, I read that Governor Kate Brown announced a new plan to address the lawlessness happening in Portland.  I was surprised to read that the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office was part of the plan since the Governor’s Office never contacted me.

Had Governor Brown discussed her plan with my office, I would have told her it’s about changing policy not adding resources.   Increasing law enforcement resources in Portland will not solve the nightly violence and now, murder.   The only way to make Portland safe again, is to support a policy that holds offenders accountable for their destruction and violence.   That will require the DA to charge offenders appropriately and a decision by the Multnomah County Presiding Judge not to allow offenders released on their own recognizance, and instead require bail with conditions.   The same offenders are arrested night after night, only to be released by the court and not charged with a crime by the DA’s Office.  The next night they are back at it, endangering the lives of law enforcement and the community all over again.

For all of us in law enforcement, keeping our community safe is our first priority.   Had Governor Brown asked me, I would have told her that no amount of human resources will stop the “cycle of violence” (her term) that is making Portland unsafe.   For that to occur, the criminal justice system will need do its part and hold offenders accountable.


Governor Brown’s unified law enforcement plan can be read here.


Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)

I absolutely loved Michelle Obama’s presentation at the Democratic Party’s Infomercial Convention. When she carried on about being an oppressed black woman, I rolled in the aisle with laughter. She was speaking to me from her twelve million dollar home on Martha’s Vineyard, off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. That is one of the wealthiest places in America.

Michelle and Barack no longer live on the black south side of Chicago where muggings and shootings are increasingly common. I lived there too and was very happy to escape once I had completed my education at the University of Chicago. But I now live in an old farm house in Corbett, a far cry from an elegant summer home on Martha’s Vineyard.

Am I the victim of racism, not her? The Obama’s have obviously acquired far more wealth than I have, in large measure by exploiting their ethnicity.

And what about climate change? I looked but did not see any sea water seeping into their living room, despite the Obamas living almost at water’s edge. Why did they purchase such an obviously vulnerable home, if they expected melting ice caps to cause significant sea level rise? Obviously, they do not believe their own rhetoric.

And what about school choice? Democrats are big supporters of the teacher’s union that fiercely opposes school choice. They want everyone to have to send their children to unionized schools that teach the Democratic Party politics of the ruling class, as much as the ‘reading, writing, and arithmetic’ that children should be learning. Continue reading

Bryan Fischer

They set a net for my steps; my soul was bowed down. They dug a pit in my way, but they have fallen into it themselves. ~ Psalm 57:6

We are watching a display of biblical justice play out right before our eyes. Democrats have fallen into the pit they have dug for Donald Trump and they can’t get out.

The waves of mayhem that have swept over Democrat-run cities – all of them President Trump’s fault, according to regressives – are starting to return to shore in a tsunami that will sweep Democrat regressives off the political map.

Today’s Democrats have no agenda. Their entire platform message at the DNC was “Orange Man Bad.” They spent four days demonizing President Trump and blaming him for everything from random violence to halitosis.

This is their entire campaign strategy – to convince the nation that Trump is responsible for everything that plagues America, including the chaos in cities that have been run by Democrats for decades. Continue reading

James Buchal, Multnomah County Republican Chair

Multnomah County Republican Party (MCRP) Chairman James Buchal issued an extended public statement on the killing last night of a person who, by all appearances was associated with a vehicle caravan through downtown Portland supporting President Trump, was killed because of his political beliefs, and whose death was celebrated by lawless mobs in Portland last night.  The killing came just one week after a volunteer at one of the MCRP’s sites gathering signatures to recall Governor Brown was viciously beaten by a political assailant, and two weeks after BLM protestors nearly beat a man to death downtown.

Chair Buchal writes:

What happened last night is the product of an organized, long-term campaign against free speech of conservatives that started with mere threats, like the 2017 threats of violence against Republican participation in the 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade.  Three years ago, I warned that “the City allowed this cancer of lawlessness to grow to the point where its leaders are now bragging, like some sort of comic book characters, that ‘the police cannot stop us.’”

With three more years of encouragement from Portland’s Democratic leaders, including Congressman Earl Blumenauer, Mayor Ted Wheeler, District Attorney Mike Schmidt and multiple City Council Members, the Antifa and BLM criminals who have now rioted nightly for nearly one Continue reading

If we asked any first-grader — no, let’s ask any 3-year old — the following problem in Logic 101: “If you had a dozen chickens in a chicken coop, with a fence around their open pen area for exercise, and a fox (who loves to eat chickens) is walking around the outside of that fence, what would happen if you removed that fence?”

Any first-grader — indeed, any 3-year-old — would answer, “Well, then, the fox would eat the chickens!

But, that’s not the logic/reasoning of these “Poster Children ‘Entitled’ Spoiled Brats” (ages 15 to 55), who have been carrying on, between 10 pm and 4 am, with “peaceful” protests of fake outrage (and violence, destruction, and riots) for the past 93+ nights in the City of Portland and many other Democrat-controlled cities elsewhere throughout America: “If you have increasing crime in the inner city, the best solution is to reduce funding of your police department, or remove all law officers altogether.”

But, let’s carry it one step further. The Pacific Northwest is now entering its Highest Level of Alert for potentially serious forest fires in 2020. Why don’t we immediately decrease funding to fire departments — or eliminate funding to all firemen, altogether?

If this kind of “logic,” or “mindset,” or “groupthink,” is being taught to students in the middle schools and high schools of America these days — God help us all.

Dan Bosserman, The Northwest Connection

In the first half of the 21st century, students took their education seriously and ran on a hectic schedule. They did not have the luxury of spending their free time playing video games, as their parents had, or protesting wars and bureaucracies, as their grandparents had done.

Still, Hillary and Jeff found time to meet and compare notes over a mid-morning snack. “Dad was telling me about the old days again last night,” Hillary said. “You want half of my sandwich?”

“Thanks,” said Jeff. “You mean the old three-miles-uphill-both-ways-through-the-snow routine? Have some of my chips.”

“No, I think he’s given up on that one. He was going on about all the schools having to be exactly alike, and all the students, too, so the educators could measure the ‘product’ they were turning out.”

“Ugh. That sounds depressing. When did it change, and how did schools get to be the way they are now?” Jeff wasn’t really very interested, but he could tell Hillary was. Continue reading

By True Oregonian

There was a time that when I thought of Portland Oregon, I thought of rivers, bridges, fine dining, Forest Park, and so many other idyllic things that made Portland amazing.

Friends and family always talked about visiting. Those that did often came back for obvious reasons. I remember telling people that we only let people believe it rains here all the time so that they don’t want to move here.

Those days feel like a distant memory. Not because of the worldwide shutdown, but because of the seemingly endless violent riots.

As of Monday, August 17th, 2020, the World has come to know Portland, Oregon as the American City that has had the longest running civil disorder since the death of George Floyd, standing at 80 days.

There is a lot of debate about what has been going on in Portland. Wikipedia says this about civil disorder: Continue reading

Rachel Dawson, Policy Analyst, Cascade Policy Institute

Governor Did you ever watch the Simpsons and think nuclear waste from utility plants looked like glowing green goo oozing out of cans?

If you answered yes, you might be the victim of media propaganda. The waste produced by utility nuclear power plants is not a leaking green goo. In fact, it’s not capable of leaking at all as nuclear waste is a solid metal rod (better known as a spent fuel rod) instead of the green ooze many associate it with.

These misconceptions are important to dispel as potential future power shortages along with increased clean power mandates make having a clean and reliable baseload power source like nuclear increasingly important.

In reality, nuclear fuel is made up of multiple ceramic pellets stacked vertically in long metal tubes. The resulting waste looks no different and actually has the “consistency of a teacup.”

Nuclear spent fuel remains radioactive for thousands of years. But the idea that it will one day be unearthed and “spilled” across green pastures and waterways is a scenario based more on science fiction than reality. Continue reading

Jim Schlatter – Spiritual Director – Apple of His Eye Charity – India Trip 2020 with the orphans at Apple of His Eye Children’s Home

“Do not be afraid little flock, it is the father‘s good pleasure to give you the kingdom “
(Luke 12:32)

Today Jesus wants to tell those of us who believe in him to not be afraid.

The devil is the master of fear and he uses many people and entities to do his work of spreading fear. But God says repeatedly in his word “Do not fear”.

I have heard there is a derivative of that message 365 times in the Scriptures. I haven’t counted them but I would be happy for anyone to fact check it for the simple fact that reading God‘s word will be good for you. And if I am wrong about the number at least you will have done a lot of good reading.

At any rate, God thinks it is important that we should not fear but rather have faith in him.

Today we come to fear so many things. We fear sickness and death. We fear bad changes in our society. We worry if we will run out of money or if we will have a job or clothes or a home or if we will find friendship or compassion.

Politically half of us in the USA are terrified that Trump will not be reelected president while the other half are terrified that he will be reelected. Continue reading

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