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Dan Nebert

“This past month, 76,000 illegals attempted to cross the southern U.S border.” The Immigration Reform and Control Act was enacted in November 1986 — with expectations by Reagan and other politicians that Congress would address the immigration issue within the year. It is now more than 32 years later, and Congress continues to kick the can down the road.

Since 1986, the estimated number of illegals in this country now ranges between 12 million and 20 million. Let’s assume, for the sake of simplicity, the number is 16 million; divided by 32 years, this amounts to 500,000 per year. When does an illegal “mass migration” qualify as Continue reading

Submitted by Lynne Page, AAMS Financial Advisor

It’s been 107 years this month since the tragedy of the Titanic. Of course, this disaster has fascinated the world ever since, leading to books, movies, musicals and, ultimately, a successful search for the big ship’s remains. On the positive side, commercial shipping lines learned a great deal from the Titanic, resulting in safer travel across the oceans. And as an investor, you, too, may be able to draw some important lessons from what happened on that cold April night more than a century ago.

So, to avoid some “titanic” investment mistakes, consider the following:

Create a financial strategy with a solid foundation. Although considered a technological marvel, the Titanic had some real structural, foundational flaws – such as compartments that weren’t fully watertight. To withstand the inevitable rough seas ahead, your investment strategy needs a strong foundation, based on your needs, goals, family situation, risk tolerance and time horizon. Continue reading

Miranda Bonifield

There’s nothing so permanent as a temporary government program, and nothing is quite as immortal as a temporary tax. Metro promised in 2006 that its parks bond would leave no need for new taxes until 2016. Instead, the money was sent to a general fund and additional taxpayer support was requested in both 2013 and 2016.

Now Metro is planning a new 400-million-dollar bond measure to support expansion of its parks and nature programs. The organization argues that tax rates wouldn’t be raised and that the funds would combat the challenges posed by population growth, climate change, and racial inequity. Continue reading

Paula Olson, The Northwest Connection

Have any of you thought that “Take Your Child to Work Day” ought to be “Take Your Child to Work for a Few Hours Day” instead? Especially for the younger ones? More than a few hours and the kid appears to be a bit bored and the parent feels distracted.

But what you both get out of it is a chance for your child to see you in a role other than parenting. Your children get to be observers on the sideline and watch the action of the game. And they see others taking you seriously. They see you interacting with adults, not just adults who are other on the playground, coaches at soccer practice or teachers at school.

At home when I invent and work through choreography for classes I teach, I invite my elementary age son to follow along. Quite simply, he responds by interfering. He likes to create his own dance moves (which I encourage) but generally he ends up rolling around on the floor under my feet and trying to break dance while I try to avoid breaking my neck. Continue reading

Marlon Furtado

Before I became a pastor, I was a chiropractor for eight years. I’ve always been fascinated with the human body and chiropractic training fed that interest. Three years before starting my chiropractic training, I had come to know Christ as my Savior, becoming one of His followers. As I learned more about the human body, it was obvious to me that God designed it and created it, rather than it being assembled haphazardly by evolution’s accidental mutations.

One example is the eye. In order for it to work it must have a smooth socket in which to move. There are seven bones that make up this socket. This could not have been formed over long periods of time because without all seven of them having their particular shape, there would have been no place for the eye to sit. Continue reading

John A. Charles, Jr.

Last week our State Treasurer, Tobias Read, issued a press release bragging that investors around the country “stood in line” to loan Oregon $100 million so that Governor Kate Brown could buy part of the Elliott State Forest, which we already own.

According to Treasurer Read, “There was three times more demand than supply” of the bonds, which will be repaid to investors over 20 years at an interest rate of 3.83 percent.

While this may have been a great day for investors, Oregon taxpayers have no reason to celebrate. They will be paying roughly $146 million in debt service on the loan, while getting little in return. Continue reading

Despite Twitter Ban, Paid Media Blackout and R Rating, Abortion Biopic Earns RARE A+ CinemaScore and Highest Per Screen Average of Any Indie-Wide Release Film; Expands in 2nd Week

The controversial abortion biopic UNPLANNED overperformed its pre-release projections to become the #5 movie at the box office this weekend. The film took in an estimated $6,110,000 or a cumulative per-screen average of $5,770 on only 1,059 locations across the country. The film received a rare A+ CinemaScore.
Industry projections underestimated the film’s performance, predicting $2 million to $3 million. Despite a widespread paid media blackout across mainstream and some faith-based outlets and a Saturday morning Twitter ban that was quickly lifted after online outrage, the film’s strong word-of-mouth propelled audiences to fill theaters across the country. Next week the film’s distributor plans to add an additional 600 screens for a count of 1,700 screens.

Continue reading

Today fishery managers from Oregon and Washington set an 11-day recreational sturgeon fishing season during May 13-June 5 on the lower Columbia River.

During this season, recreational fishermen will be allowed to harvest legal-sized white sturgeon three days a week – Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. On all days open to sturgeon retention, all fishing (including catch and release) is prohibited after 2 p.m.

The open area is the mainstem Columbia from the Wauna power lines (at river mile 40) downstream to Buoy 10, plus Youngs Bay and all adjacent Washington tributaries. Continue reading

Marlon Furtado

Ever wonder what it must have been like to be asked by Jesus Himself to be one of His disciples, to become one of His closest friends. Out of the throngs of people who flocked to Him, He singled you out and chose you to be one of only twelve, to be His closest companions. Day after day, multitudes gathered around Him, listening to His words or seeking His healing touch. Yet, when the crowds dispersed at the end of the day, you were privileged to have personal time with Him. In our day, it might be like traveling with a well-known musician. At his or her concerts, thousands sing along as faithful fans. But when the show is over and the crowds are gone, you get to sit down with the musician for a quiet cup of coffee.

I’m sure I’d be no different, but it baffles me to read how the disciples would argue among themselves which of them was greatest. Really? In the presence of Continue reading

Victoria Larson, N.D.

They don’t say “hello” in Costa Rica, they say Pure Vida (purr-ah veedah) as a greeting. Literally translated it means “pure life,” loosely it translates as “life is good.” Imagine being with a cheery “life is good” ten, twenty, fifty times a day. Pretty soon you internalize it and life IS good!

Costa Rica is another of the Blue Zones on our lovely green-and-blue Earth. Blue Zones are those five areas on our planet where is was discovered that people lived the longest. Last month I told you about the only Blue Zone in the United States, Loma Linda, California. This month I’ll let you know about Costa Rica, the only Blue Zone I’ve actually visited. But it is the one place I’d move to in a heartbeat if all things were equal. But my family and grandkids don’t want to move and I don’t want to leave them. They give me so much happiness. Continue reading

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