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How often have you heard that assault rifles should be banned because they are not intended for hunting? Invariably, in the face of that argument some well-intentioned patriot will attempt to persuade us that such weapons are sometimes used to hunt. And that is true only in the sense that one might attempt to eat Jell-O with chopsticks. Because by definition assault weapons are not intended for hunting. That is the point of them. The Second Amendment to our Constitution does not guarantee the right to hunt. Rather, it secures our natural right to “keep and bear arms.” Continue reading

By Paul Driessen

From the Oakland v. oil company lawsuit to ridiculous “research,” the onslaught never ends

Anyone who thought “manmade climate cataclysm” rhetoric couldn’t possibly exceed Obama era levels should read the complaint filed in the “public nuisance” lawsuit that’s being argued before Federal District Court Judge William Alsup in a California courtroom: Oakland v BP and other oil companies. Continue reading

I am a Christian for one simple reason: the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

There is simply no credible alternative to the view that his grave was empty on Easter morning because of his bodily resurrection. His body wasn’t there because he wasn’t there. And he wasn’t there because he had been raised from death to life.

It’s not credible that his body was stolen by the disciples. If it had been, the disciples would know that any public story that he was raised from the dead was a lie. Now people will die for a lie they believe to be true, but they will not die for a lie they know to be a lie. Eleven of the 12 apostles died a martyr’s death, a powerful confirmation that they knew beyond any shadow of doubt that Christ had risen from the dead. Continue reading

Joe Bianco and then Mayor Jim Kight at one of Joe’s book signings.
Happier times which will long be remembered.

This past week a very close friend of 45 years passed away while I was by his side. Joe Bianco was the editor of Northwest Magazine a Sunday supplement of feature stories for The Oregonian. Joe and I have gone through a lot of troubled waters and many good times together.
Like close relationships irrespective of the circumstances we both supported and encouraged one another.
If you are fortunate enough to have a close friend who stays by your side no matter what the circumstances, you have found gold. Rudyard Kipling, I believe, encapsulated it best in his poem.
This is dedicated to you, Joe, ‘til we meet again. Continue reading

Janice Dysinger

The Oregon Legislature has adjourned. What is left in its wake is a sludge of bills that go against most Oregonians. Here is an example. DACA and TPS enrollees get Oregon ID, permits and driver cards now sanctioned by Oregon Revised Statutes. Thats even after Measure 88 failed. (Measure 88 also tried to give ID and licenses to illegal aliens in 2014) Measure 88 was defeated by 66% of the vote.

DMV Administration used their rule-making process in 2014 to give driver cards to DACA and TPS registrants. Although the Oregon Department of Transportation says that only citizens and those with legal presence are allowed to get Oregon ID, permit, or license, it is a fact that whether DACA enrollees have a legal presence is in debate. It is before the courts awaiting rulings. So, claiming that DACA enrollees have legal status is jumping the gun in their favor and short-changing citizens expressly voted wishes. Continue reading

Ontario’s plans to reduce plant food would kill jobs and do nothing to control Earth’s climate

In its March 19 Speech from the Throne, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government asserted, “you cannot be serious about lowering emissions and fighting climate change without a price on carbon pollution.”

Nowhere did the speech specify what this supposed pollution actually is. That’s probably because, if it did, millions of Canadians would realize that the Wynne government is wasting billions of dollars trying to control a non-pollutant in the forlorn hope that reducing the province’s minimal contribution to worldwide emissions of this non-pollutant will have a beneficial effect on Earth’s complex and ever-changing climate. Continue reading

Lori Porter

Lori Porter, Parent Rights In Education

Who knew? The American College of Pediatricians calls it “a major assault on the health and innocence of children.”

 A United Nations conference happening right NOW! Nations from all over the world will be fighting over  “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE), the primary tool used to advance the global sexual rights agenda.

This toxic curriculum is aggressively promoted by UNICEF, the very same UN agency claiming to protect children.

CSE is designed to change all of the traditional sexual and gender norms of society by changing the worldview of children. Latest radical CSE publication.

Continue reading

Mike Morgan of Morgan Heating doing an installation in a home under construction. Photo credit: Jim Kight

Leaky windows with broken seals? A furnace that provides heat and high utility bills at the same time? Little or no insulation in the walls, ceilings and floors? Hot water heater that needs replacing? Check out the benefits that Energy Trust of Oregon provides to folks in your situation.

Established by the State of Oregon Legislature, Senate bill 1149 helped create Energy Trust of Oregon. It is an independent coalition of electric and gas providers throughout Oregon. All utility users support the trust by paying 3% of their bill into the trust. The revenue for last year was $148.9 million for the state-wide program. Their stated goal is to provide low rates through energy efficiencies such as replacing outdated windows and in particular single glaze, insulation upgrades, and 90-95% efficient gas furnaces.

For this story I interviewed two employees, Becky Engel and Tom Beverly. Continue reading

Victoria Larson, N.D.

The onslaught of toxins is phenomenal in our chemically oriented world. Many people think a “detox” means extra fiber and a colon cleanse. But we each have a whole body, not just body parts. And toxic substances are all around us not just in the air, the water, or our earth. There are toxic grocery receipts, cosmetics, cleaning products. Also, jet fuel chemtrails that fall all over our planet daily. Positive ions are given off by clothes dryers, dishwashers, and HDTVs, to say nothing of the toxic dishwasher soap and popular brands of laundry detergents capable of killing children and puppies who ingest them. Continue reading

Satan has conned many people into a twisted view of the Christian life. We imagine that God calls us to do things that won’t be good for us, while the unbelievers are out there having all the fun. In fact, anything done for God’s glory also works for our good.

Choosing what is good and right will always be to our advantage. Wrongdoing sometimes appears to offer benefits, and doing right may seem to bring serious disadvantages. But in the long run, in this life and in the afterlife, God rewards His children’s right choices and confers consequences (not eternal punishment) for wrong ones. “A man reaps what he sows” (Galatians 6:7, NIV). Continue reading

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