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Critics from both left and right are all over Jeff Sessions for his decision to revoke an Obama-era executive order on marijuana. It ordered the Department of Justice to turn a blind eye to pot production, transportation, and sales in states that have legalized recreational use of weed.

There are several important issues involved here. One is that Obama’s directive was wholly illegal and unconstitutional. Federal law, enacted by Congress, is clear that marijuana is an illegal drug. No president has either the moral or legal authority to decide which laws he thinks are worth enforcing. His job is to implement laws enacted by Congress, not to ignore them when he doesn’t like them. Continue reading

Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan are flogging Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi at every opportunity for being obstructionists and for wanting to shut the government down.

(The truth is that only about 83% of the government actually shuts down when the government “shuts down”, which is why I’ve put the phrase in quotation marks. Social Security checks keep going out, welfare checks keep going out, and so forth. And every federal worker who is furloughed during the “shut down” gets all his back pay in one lump sum when the crisis is solved. So a government shut-down essentially represents a paid vacation for everybody who works for Uncle Sam.) Continue reading

Last Thursday, it is alleged, President Donald Trump referred to certain third world countries as dung holes. In context, he wanted to know why Democrats insist on accepting immigrants exclusively from places of poverty and ignorance, where the governments are cesspools of corruption and the streets are open sewers.

Trump did not have to wait long for an answer. That roaring sound you heard on the heels of the President’s supposed remark was the shriek of Pharisees from coast to coast rending their garments. In pursuit of impeachment of this president, or of a 25th Amendment disqualification, they had been trumpeting the motif that he is mentally unstable. Continue reading

Tom Harris

Cheap, abundant coal is key to national security, warm homes and wintertime survival

Recent record-setting low temperatures have underscored the creature comfort and often life-saving importance of abundant, reliable, affordable energy. They also reminded us how appropriate it was that America’s 2017 National Security Strategy (NSS) emphasizes energy security – and was released on December 18, three days before this extra chilly winter officially began. Continue reading

The Fourth Estate: Keeping the citizenry informed

Some may ask, what is the Fourth Estate and what does it have to do with our freedom?
The term “fourth estate” has various definitions. Some refer to it as the guardian of democracy or defender of the public interest, and it is generally referred to as the newspaper or mass media profession.

When our Founding Fathers created the Constitution and established the three branches of government (Executive, Legislative and Judicial) they recognized that freedom of speech, including the press, was an important factor in keeping the government in check and the people informed. Continue reading

Some people claim that abortion is just a political issue, and not something that Christians should get involved with. But the abortion issue, at its core, is moral, not political. It has everything to do with the worth of a human child. If I were to jump today in front of a car to rescue a child, it would not be to lodge a political protest against reckless driving. It would be to save the life of an innocent child. Abortion became “political” when the law was changed to justify the killing of children.

Long before it was ever a divisive political issue, abortion was a moral issue, and one which God has a clear and emphatic position on. I encourage you to take a look at what God’s Word says about unborn children, and what the people of God throughout history have said about abortion. Continue reading

By Paul Driessen

Ex-Grassley aide will now help Big Corn and Big Biodiesel retain their mandates and subsidies

Yet another congressional aide is about to pass through Washington’s infamous revolving door to a lucrative private sector position. Kurt Kovarik, legislative director for Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), will become vice president of federal affairs for the National Biodiesel Board. Continue reading

Oregonians will have the opportunity in January to vote No on Ballot Measure 101, thus rejecting new taxes that the state legislature and the governor tried to impose on health insurance premiums and hospital services. While these and other taxes are meant to shore up state funding of Medicaid services to low-income Oregonians, it has become clear that the state has been misspending such funds for years.

Voters’ Pamphlet statements for and against Measure 101 were due by November 13, and Cascade Policy Institute submitted an Argument in Opposition which you can read below. In it, we noted three ways that the state has mismanaged over $650 million in health care funds entrusted to it by state and federal taxpayers. But, that may be far from the final number. Continue reading

Willamette Week recently reported that, sadly, Oregon now has the third-lowest graduation rate in the country, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Oregon’s four-year adjusted public high school graduation rate was 74.8% in 2015-16. Only Nevada and New Mexico have lower graduation rates.

The Oregon Education Association, a teachers union, blames this abysmal news on “inadequate funding of public education.” But according to the National Education Association’s Rankings & Estimates report for 2016 and 2017, revenue per Oregon student in Average Daily Attendance is nearly $14,000, including local, state, and federal funding. Continue reading

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