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James Buchal

The Multnomah County Republican Party continues to watch the staggering mismanagement of Oregon’s foster program highlighted by the late Republican Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, and urges legislators to step up oversight of the program.  “Under the incompetent and corrupt leadership of Democratic Governor Kate Brown,” said Chairman James Buchal, “Oregon has been shipping its children all over the country at enormous expense to remote, out-of-state facilities as to which very serious allegations of abuse and mistreatment have been made.”

“To make matters worse,” said Buchal, “the State’s leaders may be inclined to turn a blind eye toward these abuses because PERS is now Continue reading

Eric Fruits, Ph.D.

By now, Oregon voters have received their ballots for the November 5 election. One of the items is Measure 26-203: a $475 million bond measure by Metro, the regional government for the Portland area.

Metro wants the money so it can buy more land for its so-called parks and nature program, a program that has shifted from providing parks for people to more vague and speculative objectives.

In Metro’s own words, the initial promise in 1995 was to “provide areas for walking, picnicking and other outdoor recreation.” This year’s measure now gives only passing mention to parks. And, it makes no promises of new parks, only preservation and maintenance of existing parks. In terms of bang for the buck, that’s a lot of bucks but not much bang. Continue reading

A 3-day-old western pond turtle hatchling receives a tag in the Oregon Zoo’s conservation lab as part of a head-starting program. ©Oregon Zoo/ photo by Shervin Hess

Endangered Northwest species gets a head start at the zoo’s turtle conservation lab The Oregon Zoo’s conservation lab has 20 reasons to shell-ebrate this week as 20 baby western pond turtles settle into their new home. Smaller than a nickel, the hatchlings are extremely vulnerable to predators. To give them a fighting chance, the tiny turtles are collected from the wild and reared in the zoo’s turtle conservation lab until they’re big enough to go back to the pond.

“Baby turtles are really small when they hatch, so they’re the perfect size for a lot of animals to eat,” said Shelly Pettit, the zoo’s senior keeper for reptiles and amphibians. “And the biggest problem they have right now are the invasive, or introduced, bullfrogs — they prey on turtle hatchlings right out of the nest.”

For video of the tiny turtles, visit Continue reading

Frank Maguire

“When we have learned to love our neighbor, not just ourselves, no matter where we come from, then America will be perfect.”

“Trying to build the brotherhood of man without the Fatherhood of God is like having the spokes of a wheel without the hub”.

Dunne was nominated five times for the Academy Award for Best Actress – for her performances in Cimarron (1931), Theodora Goes Wild (1936), The Awful Truth (1937), Love Affair (1939), and I Remember Mama (1948).

Dunne earned a diploma to teach art, but took a chance on a contest and won a prestigious scholarship to the Chicago Musical College, where she graduated in 1926. With a soprano voice, she had hopes of becoming an opera singer, but did not pass the audition with the Metropolitan Opera Company. Continue reading

Helen Maguire

Truman decorates Corporal Desmond Doss

In May, 1945, as German troops were surrendering on the other side of the world, Japanese troops were fiercely defending the only remaining barrier (Okinawa and the Maeda Escarpment) to an allied invasion of their homeland. The men in the 77th Infantry Division were repeatedly trying to capture the Maeda Escarpment, an imposing rock face the soldiers called Hacksaw Ridge.

Less than one third of the men in the company made it back down. The rest lay wounded, scattered across enemy soil—abandoned and left for dead, if they weren’t already. One lone soldier disobeyed orders and charged back into the firefight to rescue as many of his men as he could, before he either collapsed or died trying. His iron determination and unflagging courage resulted in at least 75 lives saved that day, May 5, 1945.

“…I just kept prayin’, ‘Lord, please help me get more and more, one more, until there was none left….'” Continue reading

A five-year-old boy is sitting in the middle of the kitchen eating raw oatmeal. The kitchen is one of the two rooms in the tiny house. When his family had moved in, there was only one room, but his father built a cardboard partition to make a distinction between the kitchen and the bedroom. Five people sleep in this bedroom.

The house has no indoor plumbing. Water is drawn from a well outside and kept in a bucket in the corner of the kitchen. Other toilet functions are accomplished in an outhouse 150 feet behind the house.

Cooking is done on a portable kerosene stove. A tin wood-burning stove provides heat in the icy winter, but not much, for there is no insulation in the walls: there is not even an inner wall. If the stove gets too hot, it will melt, but there’s not much danger of that. It’s too small to hold much wood. Continue reading

17th century displays, crafts galore, and apples!

Gorge Fruit and Craft Fair at Hood River returns to the County Fairgrounds at 3020 Wy’east Road in Odell, Oregon on October 19-20, from 10am to 5pm; admission and parking are free.

Are you dreaming of fall colors and bountiful harvests of delicious local apples and pears? Join us as we celebrate all the joys of a new fall season at the Gorge Fruit and Craft Fair at Hood River County Fairgrounds.

Last year’s special guest, Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), returns with special displays of various medieval reproductions of clothing, cooking, household items and traditional tools, archery, fencing and more from the pre-17th century time period. They’ll also conduct hatchet throwing demonstrations in the park. Continue reading

Frank Salvato

This is what happens when we stop teaching civics and government classes in high school. People start believing that politics is government and that appearances and personal opinion circumvent the rule of law and the US Constitution. This is a direct result of the Progressive Movement having captured the education system and the mainstream media complex.

The Associated Press published a piece on October 12th, titled, “Former Ukraine envoy testifies Trump pushed to oust her”. In the article it states:

“…former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch told House impeachment investigators Friday that Trump himself pressured the State Department to oust her from her post and get her out of the country.”

Just the day before the AP published no less than three articles under three different titles covering the exact same content: Continue reading

Bryan Fischer

Donald Trump’s decision to remove American troops from the Syrian-Turkish border has become a flashpoint of international controversy. The bulk of the criticism of Trump has come from two directions. Politically, he is being condemned for abandoning the Kurds, an ally in our fight against ISIS. Spiritually, he is being condemned for abandoning the Christians in Kuridsh-occupied territory to an uncertain but an almost certain nightmarish fate.

For someone like me, a Christian first and an American second, it’s not easy to sort through everything and arrive at what seems to be the position that is the strongest both morally and ethically. I believe the president has done the correct thing here, and would like to explain why.

It’s worthy of note, for starters, to remember that the president campaigned on doing exactly what he is doing now. This is not a Continue reading

Alyssa Ahlgren

A main driver of left-wing thought, as evident in the policy recommendations by front running Democratic candidates like Bernie Sanders, is income inequality. Income inequality is measured by a gap in wealth; the difference between the wealthiest Americans and the poorest. To the left, not only is this inequity falsely seen as a benchmark for negative economic and fiscal health of a nation’s populace, it’s seen as a moral evil. The wealth gap is the bedrock of the Democratic Party platform going into 2020 and the answer is limiting monetary success through increased centralization of federal power.

Inequality is no longer an objective term. To the left, disparity is the result of discrimination. To the right, disparity is the inevitable result of equal opportunity and meritocracy. Regardless of where you fall on the description, income inequality is not an indicator of a Continue reading

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