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By Paul Driessen

Amazing growth – while protecting environment, health and welfare from actual threats

The “mainstream media” remains riveted on alleged Trump-Russian collusion and how the Trump-Kim Jong Un deal will fail. But it mostly ignored reports on Russia-environmentalist collusion and China-environmentalist collusion – and milestones reached during the Trump Administration’s first 500 days. Continue reading

Colubus monkey Violet holds her baby at the Oregon Zoo. ©Oregon Zoo/ photo by Shervin Hess

First colobus monkey born at the Oregon Zoo since 2006 

The Oregon Zoo’s primate family grew by a pound on Tuesday morning as colobus monkeys Violet and Kiku welcomed a new baby. The newborn colobus monkey is thriving and can already be seen peeking a pink face out from the safety of its mom’s fur.

“Colobus monkeys make wonderful parents,” said Colleen Reed, a keeper who cares for the zoo’s primates. “The adults work together to raise the babies. In addition to Violet and Kiku, Makari, our other adult female, is showing a lot of interest in the baby as well.”

See video of the new baby colobus monkey at Continue reading

Let’s go trail riding!

Come explore the scenic spectacular views!

Double Mountain Horse Ranch of Hood River has been awarded a US forest service permit to operate within 1,000 acre parks near Troutdale from I-84 the exit 18 Sandy River Delta. This new permit allows all levels of horseback riders from beginners to intermediate and advanced to experience outdoor trail rides with water crossings for the next four months. “The forest service has been wonderful assisting us to maintain our business closer to Portland due to the fire closure of the trail heads in the Herman Creek Cascade Locks Area,” states Margo Vankat Goodman, owner of Double Mountain Horse Ranch. Continue reading

Crooked River Railroad by the Olson’s in Vancouver

Baker & Grande Ronde Railroad by the Lee’s in Corbett

This year, 14 Garden Railways in the greater Portland area will be open for visits from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, June 16th. This is a great activity for the whole family at a very affordable price. The garden railways have miniature plants, structures, and people populating the “G” scale railroad worlds that have been created. Many garden railroads feature streams and ponds with bridges and trestles over which the engines pull their passenger and freight cars. Continue reading

By Connie Warnock, NW Connection

Local writer and owner/breeder/exhibitor of Shih Tzu dogs, Connie Warnock, recently collected all her articles and stories about her beloved pups into one charming and hilarious book called, “Dogs; The Best Medicine: The Kitchen Kennel Kronicles.”

Connie’s relationship with Shih Tzu’s began in 1978 with two puppies; a black and white female named Ping Jai Hua “Ping” and a male named MingSong Shu Si Ling (which roughly translated to “squirrel commando”!) Over the years, she made a name for herself in the dog show world earning many Best of Breeds and Best in Shows as a breeder/owner/handler (the triple threat!)

As her “herd” of Shih Tzus grew, she began to write for The Shih Tzu Reporter about her experiences as a breeder and about the everyday experiences of homelife with a multigenerational family of dogs. Her dog articles and stories eventually made it into local town newspapers such as the Sandy Profile, where she was a regular columnist for years. Continue reading

Artwork by Thom Maguire

Frank Maguire, The Northwest Connection

Boustrophedon(from Greek for ox-turning ) is writing that proceeds in one direction in one line (such as from left to right) and then in the reverse direction in the next line (such as from right to left).
Some ancient languages, including one form of ancient Greek (650 BC), were written this way.
The term derives from the way one would plow land with an ox, turning the ox back in the other direction at the end of a row. (It could be argued that boustrophedon is a more efficient way to both write and read, especially if your lines are very long.)

Continue reading

When I was a junior in high school in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, I took Driver’s Ed. I was in no rush to get my driver’s license in Massachusetts where the weather was horrendous during the winter months (and I had been in 2 accidents as a passenger), but this seemed like an easy class to take and it allowed me the time to think about much more important things: Boys, and Cheerleading!

When I moved to Arizona the summer before my senior year, I changed my mind about getting my license. No snow or ice in Arizona – so I was ready to experience the freedom that most teenagers crave! Continue reading

By Marlon Furtado, Board member Apple Of His Eye Charities

Do you sometimes feel as though your faith needs a boost? Hebrews chapter eleven is often called the “Hall of Faith.” It is meant to encourage us, but sometimes I find it discouraging when I compare myself to the people listed. Take Abraham, for instance. Can you imagine if one morning you told your wife that God had instructed you to sell the house and pack the trailer for an unknown destination? Wouldn’t go over well in my home.

Or compare your faith to that of Noah. Try convincing your kids to spend most of their lives helping you build a monstrous ship in preparation for a flood God promised to send in 100 years. (Mind you, it had never even rained up to this time.) And what about Moses? His faith moved him to trade in a life of luxury for one filled with hardship, like giving up a lucrative job for minimum wage. And how about Joshua’s faith? He simply walked around Jericho for a week, gave one shout, and the walls of Jericho crumbled. Continue reading

We face a difficult reality when we try to help a hurting person find hope and healing, but they refuse our efforts. We have a certain advantage when dealing with our children, because we have the power to enforce a certain response. That is not necessarily a good thing, because eventually they will make their own choices. We want them to learn how to make good choices.

The power of personal choice is amazing, because our choices can take us to the greatest life imaginable or to a life of loss and failure. While many of our choices are affected by the influence of other people, as adults, we are responsible for the choices we make, including how we will respond to the poor choices others made for us earlier in life. Continue reading

While Scripture does not say as much as we’d like about circumstance-control, it says a great deal more than we like about self-control. Scripture warns, “A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls” (Proverbs 25:28). Such a city, and such a person, will be left unhappy.

Without self-control on the inside, our lives are made vulnerable to innumerable assaults. That’s why God commands us, “Make every effort to supplement your . . . knowledge with self-control” (2 Peter 1:5-6). The Spirit-controlled believer is a self-controlled believer: “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control” (Galatians 5:22–23). Continue reading

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