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BBB Warns of a Nationwide Consumer Alert

An Oregon victim reported to Better Business Bureau Serving the Northwest that she was scammed when she purchased a fishing license from what she thought was the official Oregon Fishing and Wildlife website. BBB has seen a rise in complaints nationwide regarding websites that appear to be selling fishing and driver’s license, but are in fact selling downloadable informational guides. BBB is partnering with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) to warn consumers about these deceptive licensing websites. Continue reading

“Planned Parenthood had been on a legal winning streak, piling up decisions from judges who have ruled that states can’t stop the country’s largest abortion clinic network from receiving federal grant money.

But they suffered a major setback last week when a federal appeals court ruled that Arkansas can kick Planned Parenthood out of its network of Medicaid-approved health providers. Continue reading

Art Crino

Apprehensions about large tax exempt foundations go back beyond the Clinton and Soros foundations. In the early 1950s Congress formed a Committee to investigate the major foundations. It started under Representative Cox but evolved to Representative Carroll Reece of Tennessee.

It found a variety of activities that were surprising and disturbing. The committee’s Director of Continue reading

Please join us on Thursday, August 31, 2017 at 10 am as we honor the Johnson Brothers.
The Johnson Family is one of four Oregon families that lost two sons to the Vietnam War.
Location:  Lincoln County Veterans Appreciation Wall Main Street – Toledo, Oregon
This will be the Dedication Ceremony of Fallen Hero Memorial Highway Signs for: 

Continue reading

Bryan Fischer

President Trump’s political adversaries, whether establishment Republicans or Democrats, are apoplectic at his pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Arpaio instructed his deputies to check the immigration status of anyone who was stopped for a traffic violation, and hand over any illegals they encountered to Border Patrol. Arpaio had a legal duty, according to federal and state law, to detain illegal aliens, and he did his duty. Continue reading

By Paul Driessen

Anti-mining groups “protect” local tribe against phony risks by trampling on Guatemalan workers

Not long ago, supposed “environmental justice” concerns at least involved risks to mine workers and their families. The risks may have been inflated, or ignored for decades, but they were a major focus. Continue reading

Art Crino

As we approached the August 1945 anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the media and many politicians trot out the myth that dropping the bombs saved a large number of American soldiers who did not have to invade the Japanese mainland. The majority of American citizens believe this false history. Continue reading

Bryan Fischer,

About a month ago, the Commander-in-Chief issued a series of Tweets in which he announced the re-establishment of a military ban for those who suffer from the mental disorder known diplomatically as “gender dysphoria.” This is a condition in which males, whose DNA is 100% male, become so confused they think they are females trapped inside a male body, and in which females, whose DNA is 100% female, are so mentally confused they think they are males trapped inside female bodies.

Excerpt from the Wall Street Journal (emphasis mine): Continue reading

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