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Over the course of my life I’ve listened to 50s rock, surf, Beatles and the British Invasion, classic rock, and heavy metal. Around the time I turned 50, I began appreciating the kind of vintage standards and contemporary ballads that my parents have always liked.
Don’t worry; I’m not going to go all John Boehner on you.
I still enjoy hearing Tom Petty’s “Free Falling,” or Judas Priest’s “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming.” But I don’t automatically close my ears to the great melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and stellar arrangements to be found on the softer pages of the American songbook.
I did not consult the Internet when making this list. These are simply ten songs I came up with off the top of my head while sitting on the couch.
“Johnny Angel,” Shelley Fabares
Though I didn’t have a girlfriend yet, there was something about listening to this sparkling ode to young love on my elementary school playground that made me think I was going to have one soon. If that girl was anything like the angels who sang this song, I was going to be in seventh heaven. Few of us have not suffering over an unrequited love, and no sweeter chorus of voices has ever complained of it. Continue reading

Bryan Fischer,

Congress by statute has authorized the president (NOT the court) to “suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens” whose entry HE (NOT the court) determines “would be detrimental to the interests of the United States.” He doesn’t need to go to Congress or any court in the land for permission. He can prohibit their entry “by proclamation.” And he can do it for as long as “he shall deem necessary.”

Besides which, if America is as bad as liberals say it is, Trump is doing Muslims a favor by telling them to stay home, is he not? Continue reading

Paula Olson

They have as much fun with the box as they do with the toy that came in it! If you have been around toddlers at a birthday party then you know it is true. That’s not much consolation to friends or relatives who poured valuable time and deep thought into finding the perfect gift for the child, but they can always consider it as two gifts in one, right? By using your own ingenuity and letting your children use their creativity, you can find plenty of inexpensive ways to entertain ages from the toddler crowd all the way up through grade school. Extending the life of a piece of cardboard destined for the recycler is one way. Here is a hefty list of ideas to get you started, inside or outside the box. Continue reading


By Connie Warnock

Hubby and I were up with bells on (and dogs barking) to watch President Trump’s inauguration this morning. Having a dog is like having a child who never ages beyond 5 years. I receive probably ten or more referrals by the American Kennel Club each year, and the question is always somewhat the same: “Should I get a dog; and, if so, what breed?” Continue reading

There are some reliable natural cleaners on the market that have been available for years in co-ops and now there is a new slew of household cleaners on store shelves in the likes of Target and Fred Meyer. They claim to be “green,” but, wait a minute – Clorox® and “natural” on the same label? Continue reading

Spring is coming! If you are one of my regular readers, you have probably planted and have a nice start on your new orchard. Early spring is a good time to catch up around the yard. I try to get these tasks done in February. I also like to get my snow peas planted by Valentine ’s Day. Here are some of my routine spring chores. Continue reading

Helen Maguire

Chicago lawyer, Horatio G. Spafford

In our small community here, in Arizona City, my husband Frank and I actively participate in our non-denominational worship services each Sunday. Frank assists with providing music and I contribute by putting the applicable hymn lyrics up on a large TV Screen. Recently, I had the opportunity to do a bit of research about one of our favorite hymns: “It is well with my soul.” In this month’s article, I’m sharing a bit of what I learned. Continue reading

Gordon J. Fulks, Ph.D

I am amazed. A columnist for The Oregonian actually asked for my critique of the new President of the United States. Of course, Elizabeth Hovde is not one of their Left-Wing journalists, but she has consistently opposed Donald Trump, as has the paper.
The Oregonian has tolerated my Op-Eds for the last decade but only grudgingly acknowledged that I might have a worthwhile perspective on the crucial scientific issues of our day. Continue reading

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