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Bryan Fischer

Don’t let the low-information media lie to you: the real bullies and bigots are on the left.

One of the unexpected results of Donald Trump’s victory at the polls is that the mask has been pulled off the left revealing the ugly hatred which is no longer even thinly disguised.

We conservatives disagree with the left about any number of things, including the mainstreaming of homosexuality and transgenderism, but we don’t hate anybody. Disagreement is not hatred.

But for the left, disagreement is all about hatred. They falsely accuse us of it, and yet are blind to its rancid presence in their own ranks. This refusal on their part to recognize that they in fact are the real haters is not only an instance of spectacular self-deception, it’s now become actually dangerous. Continue reading

January’s flower, the carnation is rich with symbolism, mythology and even debate. Some scholars suggest that the name comes from the word “corone” (flower garlands) or “coronation” because of its use in Greek ceremonial crowns. Others conjecture that it’s derived from “carnis” (flesh) referring to the flower’s original pink hue. Another suggests that the name derives from “incarnacyon” (incarnation), referring to the incarnation of God-made flesh. Continue reading

Art Crino

If we are serious about improving the economy for the proverbial 99%, the global warming hoax needs to be exposed and the petroleum industry needs to be given the credit it is due. In the meantime, the shale revolution has been driving the economy forward. It was instrumental in U.S. oil production reaching 1.2 million barrels per day in 2014 — the largest increase in 100 years. We are discovering new sources of oil and gas much faster than we deplete known reserves. Our supplies are, for the moment, nearly inexhaustible.

This miracle was made possible by the private sector. Government planning and ‘public-private partnerships’ were putting all the money on ‘green energy’ fiascos. But the financial capital, entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity, and grit of men like Harold Hamm, George Mitchell, Jim Henry and Bud Brigham followed their dream and made something happen that turned our whole economy around! Continue reading

By Jim Kight, NW Connection

In our previous story we described the life of a native Cuban, Gorge*. He is 28 years old and only experienced what it is like to live under a communist dictatorship. Recognizing that he had limited opportunities living under the oppressive dictates of a communist country, he decided to leave the country and strike out on his own. Gorge is like the 1.5 million Cubans who have left the country to make a better life for themselves. Many of these refugees have chosen to enter the United States. They, like Gorge, are tired of the economic stagnation and the total lack of freedom. As an example, professionals, like doctors and engineers earn the same amount which currently is $20.00 a month. Those same professionals can double or triple their income by driving a cab. Not surprisingly, they are looking elsewhere for a better life and among them is Gorge.

When did you leave Cuba and where did you go? Continue reading

Paul Driessen

Continuing to focus on carbon dioxide as the driving force will just bring more bogus predictions

These days, even shipwreck museums showcase evidence of climate change.

After diving recently among Key West’s fabled ship-destroying barrier reefs, I immersed myself in exhibits from the Nuestra Senora de Atocha, the fabled Spanish galleon that foundered during a ferocious hurricane in 1622. The Mel Fisher Maritime Museum now houses many of the gold, silver, emeralds and artifacts that Mel and Deo Fisher’s archeological team recovered after finding the wreck in 1985. Continue reading

Bryan Fischer

By now the nation is fully aware of a heinous crime committed in Chicago against a mentally challenged young man who is white. Four black adults kidnapped him, bound him with duct tape, tortured him for days as he huddled in a corner, made him drink water out of a toilet, and threatened him with a knife which they used to cut his scalp.

He managed to escape and the police found him wandering dazed and traumatized in a T-shirt and shorts in the January cold.

The perpetrators were so enamored with themselves they posted a video on Facebook, video that includes footage of them yelling “obscenity Trump!” and “obscenity white people!” Even after they were apprehended they showed absolutely no remorse for what they had done. Continue reading

Steve Bates

Steve Bates

On Wednesday, December 28th, Steve Bates filed his application to complete the unexpired term of Commissioner Jim Bernard.

Steve Bates was a candidate for Clackamas County Commission Position No. 5 in 2014. Steve Bates received high praise and endorsements from many people and organizations that included The Oregonian, Sandy Post, Gresham Outlook and Estacada News.

He lost to Jim Bernard by 762 votes.

The May 20, 2014 vote count was so close, a sample recount of three precincts was conducted. Steve Bates conceded the close election for Position No. 5 to Jim Bernard on June 19, 2014. Jim Bernard is now stepping down from that position. Continue reading

Gordon J. Fulks, Ph.D

Gordon J. Fulks, Ph.D

Count me as a believer in abrupt “Climate Change.” The political climate changed so abruptly on November 8th that most were stunned. It led to rioting in Portland, profound mourning among Obama followers, and panic among those who have lived off Obama’s generosity with taxpayer money. For me, it was incredibly good news.
Trump not only defeated Clinton, he defeated the elitist ruling class in a magnificent return to the political center, even redefining where that center really lies. Thanks to President-Elect Trump, status quo Democrats and Republicans will no longer run this nation. Replacing them will be hard-working Americans who have a much better sense of where reality lies, from economic and defense policy to the social issues of poverty and racism. Continue reading

By Marlon Furtado, Associate Pastor, Greater Gresham Baptist Church

By Marlon Furtado, Associate Pastor, Greater Gresham Baptist Church

Jesus…claimed to be from Heaven…fully God and fully man
How did He come to earth?
Not born into wealth…child of privilege
Not the child of politically powerful.
No…no pomp and circumstance
He chose a young, teenage, Jewish girl…not yet married…not yet sexually active
In that day and place…oh, the shame of a child out of wedlock
He chose to grow up with the stigma of being an illegitimate son
He chose a poor family Continue reading

Paula Olson, The Northwest Connection

Paula Olson, The Northwest Connection

I just saw it on my neighborhood blog. One of my favorite local bakeries has closed. The lease was up and, while the bakery had successfully existed in its location for twenty-five years, the property owner and the bakery owner could not come to terms on a new lease. Sadly, the bakery’s two other locations are nowhere nearby and lack the same ambiance.

The why seems irrelevant at this point because the doors are shut and papered now with no notice given to loyal customers prior to the closure. What matters to me is that a friendly, cozy atmosphere and the memories I associate with that oddly-shaped corner building are now just that: memories.

I used to push the stroller through that neighborhood when my son was a baby, place to sit, simply to enjoy the moment and receive some stimulation from adult conversation around me. When my son was in preschool I took him there occasionally and we would buy a treat of a marionberry scone or a blueberry muffin. Continue reading

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