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It’s time for sober second thoughts on climate alarms

Now that the excitement has died down over the news that Earth’s surface temperature made 2017 one of the hottest years on record, it is time for sober second thoughts.

Did the January 18 announcement by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) that 2017 was our planet’s third-hottest year since 1880, and NASA’s claim that it was the second hottest year, actually mean anything?

Although the Los Angeles Times called 2017 “a top-three scorcher for planet Earth,” neither the NOAA nor the NASA records are significant. One would naturally expect the warmest years to come during the most recent years of a warming trend. And thank goodness we have been in a gradual warming trend since the depths of the Little Ice Age in the late 1600s! Back then, the River Thames was covered by a meter of ice, as Jan Grifier’s 1683 painting “The Great Frost’ illustrates. Continue reading

Robert W. Endlich

Weather, not human-caused CO2-fueled global warming, is responsible for California wildfires

2017 featured incredibly intense, damaging wildfires in California: first the Wine Country fires of October, and later the massive Thomas Fire in December. Each destroyed hundreds of homes, the latter in many of the affluent suburbs and enclaves northwest of Los Angeles and Hollywood.

The Thomas Fire is the largest in modern California history, with over 1000 structures destroyed. The fires and subsequent mudslides killed over 60 people and left many others severely burned or injured. Continue reading

I know a man who was living in a neighborhood when a salesman came door to door selling home security systems. He told the salesman he already had one. “What’s your security system?” he asked. The man replied, “God and a loaded gun.”

It wasn’t a matter of either/or but both/and. I suggest we have mass school shootings because we don’t have enough God on our campuses and we don’t have enough guns.

When tragic school shootings happen, like the one in Florida, everyone sends their “thoughts and prayers” to the families of the victims. But why don’t we pray before these shootings happen instead of waiting until somebody’s dead? Everyone understands that prayer in school is appropriate in the wake of a tragedy like this. But if it’s appropriate after, there’s no reason it’s not appropriate before. Continue reading

By Paul Driessen

An informed decision-making process will safely produce energy that belongs to all Americans

Under the current offshore energy program developed during the Obama years, 94% of the nation’s Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) is off limits to leasing and drilling. Under the Draft Proposed Program (DPP) announced January 4 by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, over 90% of OCS acreage and 98% of “undiscovered, technically recoverable oil and gas resources” in these federal offshore areas (beyond the 3-mile limit of state waters) will be considered for possible future leasing, exploration and development. Continue reading

Lori Porter

Lori Porter, Parent Rights In Education

Oh brother, what will they make me watch next?

Is it child abuse when a California teacher “celebrates a 5-year-old “transition” by reading “I Am Jazz” and “The Red Crayon” (explaining transgenderism) to her class of kindergartners? Followed up by a 5-year-old girl in the class stepping into the bathroom and re-emerging as a boy.

This stunt left many of the children traumatized and crying, little girls asking their parents if they were going to turn into a boy. Another parent stated her son wanted to know if he could dress as a girl for school. Continue reading

The Kid (1921), with Jackie Coogan, combined comedy with drama and was Chaplin’s first film to exceed an hour

MOVIES! I love’em! And, I come by this affinity quite naturally. My mother was a beautiful stylish woman who managed family, career, and volunteer work without batting a perfectly lined eye! One of her favorite ways to relax and enjoy herself with her daughters was a night out at the movies.

In those days it was always a double feature. My dad happily acquiesced to his three women. As if this wasn’t enough, there were Aunt Eva, Uncle Ed and Uncle Al. They lived in Los Angeles. Every summer we piled into the Chrysler, wearing hair nets, with the windows down, and headed south for a three-week vacation. We would stay with Eva and Ed. Uncle Al’s part in all this would be to take us on a tour of Paramount Studios where he was the favorite prop man for Bob Hope and other stars. Continue reading

By Paul Driessen

A subtle suggestion during a jazz concert got me thinking about history, politics and energy

What a marvelous evening it was. World-class drummer Tommy Igoe and his Birdland All-Stars treated the George Mason University Center for the Arts audience to a joyous evening of jazz, funk, Brazilian and original music that featured new renditions of classics by David Bowie, The Police, Steely Dan, Charlie Parker and other famed artists. Every high-energy number captivated these jazz aficionados. Continue reading

Pastor Clark Cothern

Male and Female, He created them

Here is what we’ve already begun to grasp from just the first 13 verses of Scripture:

God created the earth (and everything else in the universe).

He created it as good (originally).

He established His order at creation.

His order benefits creation itself, especially humankind. Humans thrive when they live according to God’s created order. When they try to live outside the created order, things don’t go so well. Continue reading

Why is it that we feel it necessary to use an apologetic tone when stating, “I have done nothing all day?”
When quietly doing something or meditating, often in response to the question, “What are you doing?” we will reply “nothing,” rather than explain exactly what we are doing.

It is time we elevated doing nothing to an art form. It is very difficult to do nothing, and few of us achieve a high consistent standard. Those who can are apologetic about it.

How can one learn to do nothing? Meditating is hard enough. Continue reading

Will the baby boom generation be the last stand for the classic old-school hobby? With Millennials and Gen-Xers part of a sweeping demographic that has either come of age or existed solely within a culture centered around everyday reliance on the internet and social media devices, it can seem that way.

But a look into the dens and workshop of the Boomers reveals that as long as they’re around, hobbies that have nothing to do with electronics are still very much with us. Again, for the purposes of this discussion, the committed pursuance of a musical or artistic talent and participation in sports are not considered “hobbies.” Continue reading

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