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Gordon J. Fulks

Gordon J. Fulks

Although he was not my first choice for President, I voted for President-Elect Donald Trump because he was far preferable to the Wicked Witch of the East. While it is true that he does not meet all of my high standards for charm, wisdom, humility, and political correctness, I realize that I am probably the only one who does! It is funny how that works.

Of course, Donald’s detractors do not even get that far in evaluating him. Because he is a fabulously wealthy Caucasian businessman from the Republican Party, he is automatically racist, sexist, homophobic, and everything else that Democrats see in opponents but never in themselves. In a word, he and his followers are “deplorable” for opposing their Leftist ideology. That must include me, as I am all of those things (except fabulously wealthy). Such critiques must strike even Democrats as shallow.

The substantive issues that should concern us have to do with the President-Elect’s campaign promises. Because he surely did not need the job of President of the United States at age 70, I suspect that he will try his best to accomplish what he set out to do. That will mean tackling healthcare, illegal immigration, the anemic recovery from the Great Recession, international trade imbalances, decaying infrastructure, decaying inner cities, and Radical Islam, to name a few.

Should those of us with an education comment on everything? Consider Paul Krugman. He loves to spout off in the New York Times about many subjects where he knows little. Being dead wrong does not perturb Krugman, even when he is wrong on subjects he should understand. A day after Trump was elected, Krugman predicted that the US stock market would crash and never recover. It briefly declined only to recover to a record high. I find it forever amusing when any expert, let alone a Nobel Laureate in Economics and Professor of Economics at Princeton University gets something completely wrong. Krugman made the same mistake with the stock market that he perpetually makes with climate. They both have large cyclical components.

Not wanting to pull a Krugman, let me just say that I am impressed with Trump’s choice of advisers and cabinet secretaries. He is obviously seeking the best people America has to offer, without regard to the superficial characteristics that Obama puts first, like race and gender. Hence, he not only has a magnificent opportunity to turn around the decline of this great nation but is on a path to do so.

Perhaps I can assist by pointing out what our new President needs to do to salvage the science in climate science. It is obviously a field that has been totally corrupted by the money that Democrats have lavished on it from federal and state treasuries and motivated others to spend on countless ill-conceived ventures to “Save the Planet.” The hallmark has been “Zero Accountability.” If you ask whether the planet is really warming due to man-made CO2, or if a windmill is really doing anything toward solving ‘the problem,’ you are instantly branded a “Denier” for daring to question the High Priests.

Trump will surely replace the many high level bureaucrats who have implemented Obama’s theology and corruption. But that is far from enough. Vast corruption has never been defeated by merely changing those who administer it. Both the sources of the cash fueling the climate scam and those most culpable need to be removed. In the most egregious cases, this could involve prosecuting those who have deliberately misconstrued the science to create an artificial crisis and extort vast sums of money from taxpayers.

The climate industry now brags about being a one TRILLION dollar per year monster with tentacles everywhere. Dismantling that will be a gargantuan but vital task.

The best place for the new president to start will be with the climate research budgets of major agencies like NASA and NOAA. They provide the fuel that keeps the scam going at an array of institutions, where those who are supposed to be dedicated to the truth have been far too willing to feed climate hysteria in exchange for continued funding.

To separate legitimate research that benefits us all from the common look-alike that is largely fraudulent, existing federal spending on climate research needs to be substantially reduced; and every scientist who wishes to continue should have to convince a panel of senior scientists that he or she is capable of utter honesty and high quality scientific work. If the applicant has a history of promoting climate hysteria, he should be disqualified, much as defense contractors who have cheated the Department of Defense are disqualified.

With research money provided only to those doing honest research, the abysmal quality of present research will improve at far lower cost to taxpayers.

This will create loud protests from those who have lived off the Faustian Bargain, because they never expected it to end. One of the primary mouth-pieces for the giant climate industry (350.org) is already complaining about Trump’s anticipated “War on Corruption,” mislabeling it in classic Orwellian fashion as a “War on Science.” In the doublespeak of the nightmarish Orwellian world, propagandists label everything as the exact opposite of what it really is. Restoring the checks and balances that keep science honest is a battle for science not against it.

Eliminating the Leftist mob that has so ruined science does not mean eliminating those scientists who may be left of center politically. Science is profoundly non-political. Hence, we should never again allow a president like Obama to apply political considerations to science. Scientists who are worthy of their degrees will always keep their political views separate from their scientific work. If I were in a room with Nobel Laureate in Physics Professor Ivar Giaever, who supported Obama for President in 2008, and French Geophysicist Dr. Claude Allegre, who was Minister for Education in a French Socialist government, I would be pleased to sit with them. They both oppose the climate scam.

Since there needs to be a day of reckoning for those who have vastly abused their positions of trust, how do we identify the bad guys? One good place to start would be to look at those who have published recently in the once prestigious scientific journals Science and Nature. These journals have become notoriously hysterical, accepting endless climate hype and refusing all rebuttals that dare to cast doubt on the prevailing paradigm. Many who publish there have signed onto their “pal-review” policy whereby papers that support prevailing biases are accepted, and those that do not, are not. That is not science. That is storytelling.

How does this fit into President-Elect Trump’s plans to “Make American Great Again”? American science underpins America’s greatness. Without it, we are lost.

On a practical level, the new Trump Administration will surely need money for infrastructure improvements and can find a lot of it by redirecting the vast sums wasted on climate hysteria. Trump also wants to free American businesses from the stranglehold that Obama has applied through his 15,276 employee, $8.1 billion dollar per year Environmental Protection Agency. Central to that will be revoking the EPA’s “Endangerment Finding” on carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is beneficial!

Donald Trump has a wonderful opportunity to be a great President, and I bet he will exceed our expectations.

Gordon J. Fulks lives in Corbett and can be reached at gordonfulks@hotmail.com. He holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago’s Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space Research

(Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Northwest Connection.)


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