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Art Crino

By Art Crino

Our team over here in Tigard have quite a battle on our hands.
“TriMet GM Neil McFarlane said regional transportation planners will stop working on the project if Tigard voters reject it in their city.”
Our hope is that more people will recognize the significance and opportunity with the Tigard vote.
This Tigard vote can stop a $3 billion boondoggle and also strike a fatal blow to the ruinous agenda that has caused our housing crisis and worsening congestion.
Clear back in 1997 a network of light rail with high density development was adopted as the regional response to SB 100 and the Urban Growth Boundary that has artificially constrained our land supply.
The long ugly history of what this “alternative” approach has produced has reached a crescendo of failure with the $200 million CRC debacle, soaring housing costs, runaway congestion and more on the way. There’s been no learning curve by our regional planners and politicians at all.
We can put an end to it with a NO Vote in Tigard. That makes our effort vital to the whole region and state.
No other vote will be available to stop this mistake. We are on the brink of crippling this failed agenda.
70 Reasons to Vote NO on Tigard’s Light Rail measure 34-255

The same CRC crony cartel is pushing this boondoggle.
Behind the scenes Metro, ODOT and TriMet are already committing $100’s of millions by signing Inter-Governmental Agreements before the project even becomes viable.
The SW Corridor Light Rail is taking the same path as the CRC.

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Art Crino, Director
Oregonians for Affordable Transportation Solutions
PO Box 23325 Tigard Or, 97281

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