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Steve Bates

Steve Bates

Time and again we hear stories about Veterans that are not receiving the benefits that are rightfully theirs. As the general public is made aware of these people and their needs, there is always the question; What can I do?
Measure 96 presents every voting Oregonian the opportunity to help the Veterans and the Veterans Organizations that serve them.
What can I do? Vote YES on Measure 96.
The current needs in the Veterans’ community exceed the State’s budgeted funds to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Measure 96 will help to provide needed assistance to Veterans and their families.
Measure 96 designates 1.5% of lottery proceeds for Veterans programs and issues.
This does not increase taxes. This allocates revenue from lottery dollars.
What can I do for Veterans? Vote YES on Measure 96.
These additional dollars from the lottery fund will help close the gap to assist Veterans who are not receiving services.
This measure is a simple and cost-effective way of providing needed funding without raising taxes. Help us show our deepest respect and appreciation to the men and women who served in our military.
Vote YES on Measure 96!

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