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By Marlon Furtado, Associate Pastor, Greater Gresham Baptist Church

By Marlon Furtado, Associate Pastor, Greater Gresham Baptist Church

This was the BEST day of my life.
It started months ago
First, a light touch
Then whispers of my beauty
Then talks of how unhappy he was in his marriage
It finally happened…We snuck away and went to bed…
After our lovemaking I drifted into a peaceful sleep…
Suddenly, this became the WORST day of my life.
I was awakened by… angry voices… voices inside the house…
The door burst open and the room swarmed with angry men.
They tore the blankets off me. Rough hands groped me as they jerked me to my feet.
Dazed…confused, I heard screams: “Whore. Adulteress. Tramp. Slut. She deserves to die.”
Naked…I was dragged through the streets…
My heart was racing… I’ve never been so terrified…
This screaming mob dragged me to the Temple…
I was thrown down at the feet of a religious teacher named Jesus.
Mockingly they said, “We found this whore in the very act of sex. The Law requires that we stone her to death. Surely, [mocking sing-song voice] You are not going to violate the Law, are You?”
I was so scared… Silently, I screamed, “Do something. Protect me.” But He never said a word.
He just sat there, writing in the dirt.
Infuriated, they picked up jagged rocks.
One last time, they demanded, “Are you going to break the Law or cast Your vote to stone her?”
Rising to His feet, He threw His cloak over my nakedness.
He looked directly at these men and responded, “The one who has no sin in his own life can cast the first stone.”
Then He stooped down and drew in the dirt again.
Thud…thud…thud… the mob was dropping their rocks and slinking away.
The next thing I felt was Jesus lifting my chin and gazing into my eyes.
He asked, “Where are your accusers?”
I looked around… “They’re gone.”
“Neither do I condemn you. Go now. Take My cloak, and leave your life of sin. Follow Me. I have a much better way for you.”
This was the WORST day of my life.
But meeting Jesus was the BEST day of my life… and the start of a brand new life!

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