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Pastor Matthew Cummings

I have been concerned about the current political situation, and how our constitutional republic is under assault.

Groups like Black Lives Matter and Antifa are left-wing Marxists whose goal is to destroy our civilization through thuggish actions and other forms of intimidation. These groups hope to sway people away from voting for President Trump and to vote for Joe Biden. Add to this scenario the pandemic and we see wide-scale chaos.

We can see a very crafted and calculated agenda unfolding before our eyes. Everything being said by the leftist mainstream media is a lie to deceive the American people.

This is the first of four articles explaining why the Black community votes Democratic.The first lie started with the 1912 presidential election.

William H. Taft, the Republican incumbent, was vying against former President Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909) for the Republican nomination. The Republican Party was split between the two candidates, and this gave Governor Woodrow Wilson (D-NJ) a chance to capitalize on the division and undermine the Black voting bloc who since the end of the Civil War had strongly supported Republican candidates.

It is a historical fact, often lost in the upheaval of contemporary race issues, that Black voters, inspired by Abraham Lincoln and his legacy, had dependably backed GOP candidates.
Some of Woodrow Wilson’s advisors suggested that he reach out to the Black community, promising that if they would vote for him, he would ensure that the despicable Jim Crow laws would be forever stricken from the policies and ideologies of the federal government. Wilson’s appeal and promise struck a chord with Black political leadership.

Black Americans had come to believe that the Republican Party was taking them for granted. After months of debate within the Black community, trust in Woodrow Wilson grew. Blacks voted Democrat for the first time, and helped elect Wilson as the nation’s 28th president.

After six months in office, Wilson betrayed the very voters he had won with his promise. He segregated every federal institution. Black leaders attempted to hold him accountable. William Monroe Trotter, a Black newspaper editor who worked for the Boston Guardian, an independent African-American newspaper, asked Wilson why he betrayed the Black voters. Wilson became angry and asked him to leave. He would not and did not reconsider his decision nor allow Trotter access to the White House.

Pastor Matthew Cummings has ministered for 28 years and has been involved in communities and politics for over 30 years. He runs The Convergence Project, which is designed to ignite a movement of action programs that will cultivate a new spirit of cooperation between the business, civic and faith communities.

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