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Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)

I absolutely loved Michelle Obama’s presentation at the Democratic Party’s Infomercial Convention. When she carried on about being an oppressed black woman, I rolled in the aisle with laughter. She was speaking to me from her twelve million dollar home on Martha’s Vineyard, off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. That is one of the wealthiest places in America.

Michelle and Barack no longer live on the black south side of Chicago where muggings and shootings are increasingly common. I lived there too and was very happy to escape once I had completed my education at the University of Chicago. But I now live in an old farm house in Corbett, a far cry from an elegant summer home on Martha’s Vineyard.

Am I the victim of racism, not her? The Obama’s have obviously acquired far more wealth than I have, in large measure by exploiting their ethnicity.

And what about climate change? I looked but did not see any sea water seeping into their living room, despite the Obamas living almost at water’s edge. Why did they purchase such an obviously vulnerable home, if they expected melting ice caps to cause significant sea level rise? Obviously, they do not believe their own rhetoric.

And what about school choice? Democrats are big supporters of the teacher’s union that fiercely opposes school choice. They want everyone to have to send their children to unionized schools that teach the Democratic Party politics of the ruling class, as much as the ‘reading, writing, and arithmetic’ that children should be learning.

When the Obama’s lived in Hyde Park, they did not send their daughters to the local public schools. The ghetto public schools are substantially inferior, and they had a choice. They chose the University of Chicago Laboratory School, just as my parents did with me. It cost my parents a bundle, but they sacrificed to make sure that I got a good education in more than self-defense.

Most of the children attending the Laboratory School were, in my day, children of University of Chicago faculty members and therefore mostly liberal Democrats. There was no disconnection between wanting the best for their children and avoiding ghetto schools. But the liberals of yesteryear have evolved into the Hard Left Marxists of today. They want to control everything, in part by forcing most to attend inferior schools, while still sending their children to the best.

Disconnects have become the new reality today, where Democrats pretend to be supportive of ordinary folks, but are exploiting us, every chance they get. They are the ruling elites who dictate what those far beneath them can and cannot do.

Democrat Joe Biden kicking off his Presidential campaign in 2019. (Photo credit: Wikipedia under Creative Commons license)

The Democratic National Convention ended with the greatest disconnects of all.

After three days of spewing non-stop hatred toward President Donald Trump, Democratic nominee Joe Biden called for unity among all Americans. He promised to be a President for all, not just those who vote for him! After a convention of unprecedented darkness, Biden promised “I will be an ally of the light not of the darkness.” It was the most incredulous of pivots. We were supposed to take his word that he would bring us peace, when all of his followers who spoke before him were involved in inciting nonstop conflict.

Biden was not even willing to acknowledge the widespread rioting and looting coming from his supporters. And he did not call for an end to it. That would have offended his supporters who see the rioting as a means toward their goal, the overthrow of American Democracy, to be replaced by one party (Democrat) rule.

Biden echoed the racial themes that have once again become the principle themes of the Democratic Party, themes that seek to pit ethnic groups against each other. He did so by saying that President Trump “fans the flames of hate and division.” That was a scary Orwellian line that is the exact opposite of the truth. The Democratic Convention fanned the flames of hate and division all week. The later Republican Convention was as upbeat and inclusive as the Democrats were downbeat and divisive.

Those with any sense of history recognize that Democrats have always supported racial divisions, from slavery in 1860, to Jim Crow after the Civil War to the Ku Klux Klan to “State’s Rights” with George Wallace, to the “Systemic Racism” that they claim was responsible for George Floyd’s “murder.” Never mind that the Democratic Party was synonymous with the KKK (especially in Oregon) and George Wallace was a Democrat. Biden saw “Klansmen and white supremacists coming out of the fields with lighted torches,” not realizing that those who did so were overwhelmingly Democrats.

And Biden seems to have missed the recent revelation that George Floyd likely died of a fentanyl overdose combined with his severe heart disease (see my two previous Op-Eds in the Northwest Connection). Yet Biden still claims it was a “knee on the neck” death, despite the coroner’s report that found no neck injuries. Truth means nothing to Democrats when they have a useful story-line.

By most accounts, Biden did a good job of reading a speech that others had written for him. That is an accomplishment for many in our age group. Mental stumbles become increasingly common, not for President Trump or me but certainly for Joe Biden. He has a long history of them, with increasing frequency. That spells real trouble for someone expected to run this great nation, understand complex subjects, and respond appropriately. As his senility progresses, he will suffer ever more episodes without even realizing it.

If Geriatric Joe is elected, his disconnects will become our reality. In practice, that will mean that someone behind the scenes will be making decisions for him. If those come from the radical Far Left Kamala Harris wing of the party, the worst of the worst will find themselves in charge.

What a disaster for America.

Sophisticated subjects like science will be abandoned to the ideologues. When Biden discussed the coronavirus pandemic, he said the US response had “by far the worst performance of any nation on Earth.” That was what his speechwriters told him to say. It is NOT TRUE. The death rate in this country is similar to many other countries that report honest statistics, from Europe to the Americas. It is not difficult to check such statistics, but Biden did not or could not.

When he repeated the propaganda about “the existential threat posed by climate change,”Biden emphasized no ability to understand climate fraud.   Such buzzwords are meant to signal to his supporters that he fully supports the “Green New Deal” of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. That has little to do with our environment, and as AOC’s chief of staff once admitted, is really a thinly veiled call for Socialism.

Did Biden miss the big news concerning implementation of the Green New Deal in California? Yes, he certainly missed the power disconnections that California had to implement to save their electric grid from catastrophe. As the sun dropped low in the western sky, millions suddenly found themselves cut off from the electric grid as high temperatures increased demand for air conditioning.   California’s 76 gigawatts (GW) of ‘available’ generating capacity lost 23 GW of solar with the setting sun, while their 6 GW of wind produces little during hot weather. That left them with 47 GW of reliable power, when the demand rose to 50 GW.

If Democrats missed all the other disconnects in their rhetoric and policies, I guarantee that those affected by the California blackouts did not miss this one. They may believe that ‘renewables’ are the answer, even when the rates they pay are twice the national average. But when the lights last went out on then Democratic Governor Gray Davis in 2003, the electorate recalled him.

Disconnected Democrats do not appreciate being disconnected!

Gordon J. Fulks lives in Corbett and can be reached at gordonfulks@hotmail.com. He holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago’s Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space Research.




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