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If we asked any first-grader — no, let’s ask any 3-year old — the following problem in Logic 101: “If you had a dozen chickens in a chicken coop, with a fence around their open pen area for exercise, and a fox (who loves to eat chickens) is walking around the outside of that fence, what would happen if you removed that fence?”

Any first-grader — indeed, any 3-year-old — would answer, “Well, then, the fox would eat the chickens!

But, that’s not the logic/reasoning of these “Poster Children ‘Entitled’ Spoiled Brats” (ages 15 to 55), who have been carrying on, between 10 pm and 4 am, with “peaceful” protests of fake outrage (and violence, destruction, and riots) for the past 93+ nights in the City of Portland and many other Democrat-controlled cities elsewhere throughout America: “If you have increasing crime in the inner city, the best solution is to reduce funding of your police department, or remove all law officers altogether.”

But, let’s carry it one step further. The Pacific Northwest is now entering its Highest Level of Alert for potentially serious forest fires in 2020. Why don’t we immediately decrease funding to fire departments — or eliminate funding to all firemen, altogether?

If this kind of “logic,” or “mindset,” or “groupthink,” is being taught to students in the middle schools and high schools of America these days — God help us all.

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