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Sylvia Thompson

When Barack Obama was imposed upon the American people by the progressive Left in his bid for President of the United States in 2008, many American people acquiesced and voted for him. They did so without knowing much of anything about him. Some were so beaten down and worn from carrying the burden of “being white,” they essentially conceded to electing a “black” man with no substantive qualifications for the job and a very suspicious past. We now know what a travesty he and his administration were to our nation.

Somewhat in keeping with the terrible racist record that Obama set during his presidency, we are now seeing the spread of a virulent racism throughout our nation under the rubric of Black Lives Matter (BLM).

I am dismayed to witness how this dangerous group successfully cows so many leaders in political office (especially Republicans) into submission. It is difficult for me to know if the average American is similarly cowed, but I sincerely hope that’s not the case. I hope this is just a matter of feckless government leaders. But telling incidents have drawn my attention to the possibility that many Americans are about to allow themselves to be duped, again, as with Obama.

No one wants to be considered unconcerned about black lives. So, many buy into the mantra of the racist mobs that black lives matter above all other lives. Never mind that many blacks who routinely kill other blacks don’t have a problem with demeaning black lives. Neither do mothers who routinely abort unborn black children.

I’m not hearing enough fervent cries from Americans, especially white Americans, that “all lives matter, end of story,” and this concerns me. Likewise, the utter silence in face of the venomous crusade to trash every symbol of America’s past, primarily the Confederacy, not only concerns me but it makes me angry.

Could this reticence to condemn BLM be because it’s mostly black people screaming in our faces about white Americans’ culpability for things that happened centuries ago? Are we really going to allow every symbol of our racial history to be destroyed by miscreants who know nothing about our history, and care even less?

Are we going to allow the progressive, Trump-hating military leaders to rename historic forts, against the will of the Commander-in-Chief, because they are traitors? (Mattis, Kelly, Allen, Mullen, and their ilk, many from Obama’s administration, which purged patriotic leaders from all military ranks.)

Are we going to bow to this lot of ignorant haters? And if so, explain to me why we should?

Why are patriots not standing up before governors and mayors of violence-ridden cities and saying “Enough”? Where are the organized groups of fighting Americans?

Most of my generation are old and physically incapable of holding a battle line, but younger generations should be able to form groups of protesters to protect monuments, all of them, and beat back mobs. Perhaps after the Wuhan China virus; I can only hope.

I think this kind of push-back might forestall an all-out bloody war driven by extreme frustration morphing into murderous hatred. I could be wrong, but I envision a whole lot of white men, young and old, who are slowly simmering under the many assaults to their manhood, because of what an ancestor may or may not have done centuries ago.

Another cause of concern for me is how so many Americans, for the sake of peace, pander to minorities, especially American blacks.

The mixed-raced Darrell “Bubba” Wallace of NASCAR notoriety is one of the more recent examples.

Wallace implied that all NASCAR fans were racists because a mysterious “noose” appeared in the garage where his racecar was housed. The FBI found no racist intent toward Wallace during their investigation, but they revealed another of numerous hoaxes meant to stir racial discord in America. Yet, I’ve heard no serious attempt on Wallace’s part to make amends to the thousands of NASCAR fans he impugned with his right-out-of-the-gate accusations of racism.

Why wasn’t Wallace called on his behavior by anybody except President Trump? Pandering Senator Lindsay Graham showed his usual spinelessness by giving Wallace cover for his behavior, but I’ve come to expect no less from Graham. It will be a great day when he is voted out of office. He is not the kind of leader we need in these times.

A friend advanced the idea that the progressives who run the sports entities could be using Wallace to push an agenda, and that is the denigration of all things Southern and pro-American (and by extension, President Trump). NASCAR is an ideal target, because its primary audience is patriotic citizens.

The small portion of the Confederate symbol on the NASCAR flag is totally irrelevant in this discussion. Wallace, I wouldn’t doubt, was prompted by his progressive handlers to make an issue out of the flag, for the express purpose of fanning the flames of racism.

Flags are symbols, that’s all they are. I was born and reared in the South during Jim Crow laws, and the Confederate Flag means nothing more to me than a symbol of the Confederacy. The Confederacy was dismantled so long ago it is now merely history.

I think much of the wailing and gnashing of teeth among the perpetually offended in this country (blacks and whites) over the Confederate battle flag is no more than a ploy. Their intent is to cause disruption to further the more sinister goal of dismantling the nation.

If you think about it, the Confederacy was not just a conflict between states over several issues, only one of which was slavery. The South, for as long as the conflict lasted, was a sovereign entity. Many young men died fighting in the cause of that sovereignty, under a battle flag displaying the crossed stripes. Some black men fought with the Confederacy under that flag.

Moreover, the war was between related people. The conflict was among families. It was not the same as wars between established sovereign nations, as was the Axis against the Allies during WWII. President Lincoln understood that dynamic, and it was his intention to reunite a fractured “family,” without the cloud of slavery over the nation’s head. Sadly, he was assassinated and sinister leaders on the winning side were more inclined to indulge in payback to the South. As would be expected, hatred ensued.

Consequently, I don’t have a problem with people holding on to some semblance of a very significant era in their history. The Civil War settled the matter of which “nation” would retain power. Since then, there have been no viable attempts to reinstitute the Confederacy. So, I ask the haters bent on punishing descendants of the Confederacy, what do they fear?

I have no fear today of anything my ancestors encountered during the days of slavery and what followed that institution (legal segregation and discrimination). I’m more likely to be harmed by racist black folks currently running amok throughout the nation, or by the odious “cancel culture” that passes itself off as a champion of social justice. That movement is so evil, every vestige of it should be stomped out. Cancel culture stands against what the Constitution guarantees to American citizens – freedom to think and to speak.

I don’t follow the sport of racing but the question could be raised, was all this “noose signifying” a staged event to bring attention to a not-so-spectacular racing performer?

One word about the so-called “overwhelming” support all the other racers showed to Wallace. Everybody knows that if any of those white racers had even hinted at feeling resentment over the racialist turmoil Wallace has brought into yet another bastion of American patriotism (NASCAR), that racer would be crucified by the cancel culture. Spineless executives would likely work toward ending the career of the hapless racer who dares to think for himself or to exercise his First Amendment right to free speech.

Wallace displays a BLM sign on the side of his racecar. He wears a sweatshirt with a message alluding to George Floyd’s death in Minnesota. What is this if not a display of Wallace’s racism? Why should white racers not take offense at his despicable and divisive behavior? Someone needs to school this young man on what it means to be part of a team.

The hatred that must be brewing in the hearts of those young men whose speech is stifled is palpable. Heaven help us if that hatred is ever unleashed. That is, however, exactly what the puppet masters of the race baiters want to happen. Turmoil and bloodshed are pillars of their game plan to overthrow America.

On one good note, I read that NASCAR racer Corey LaJoie displayed “Trump 2020” on his car in the Brickyard 400 race. That kind of pushback is sorely needed today.

Colin Kaepernick and Jussie Smollett are also poster-children for the panderers. Both are known celebrities who have involved themselves in the promotion of racial hatred, and like Wallace, both are mixed-race.*

Kaepernick began the reprehensible practice of demeaning symbols of our national heritage – the flag and the National Anthem – in the name of social justice. His bogus claim that police brutality is the cause of inner-city problems for black people is a lying insult to all the decent people who serve as police officers. They put their lives on the line daily to protect those very inner-city black people in whose behalf Kaepernick claims to speak. Mind you, Kaepernick neither lives nor works in an inner city.

Smollett’s case is so pathetic that I’ll only say he is a third-rate entertainer who perpetrated a vile hoax to gain attention. He, too, used the noose ploy to appeal to the lesser angels of our nature. Moreover, he professes to be homosexual, which is supposed to give his lies about what happened to him more credibility.

Can anybody remember when we last had a lynching in America? I can’t. I think it’s time to put that one to rest; it’s wearing thin.

These are affronts that patriots must fight openly and vigorously. Don’t be duped again. The concerted effort of a cadre of racist blacks and ignorant white people to destroy everything that makes this nation a special place, must be fought and obliterated wherever it rears its ugly head. If that means physical force using the military, so be it.

President Trump is leading the fight. Join him, or lose this nation to the hateful forces that have long desired to take us down. That is the bottom line.



* I stress “mixed-race” in my description of these race baiters, because they seem to be in the forefront of racial discord. My non-professional assessment (and I don’t put much store in the “schooled” professionals) is that having a white parent and a black parent can cause conflict in the mind of a child. I would think being brainwashed throughout your education with the notion that you must hate all things white puts a mixed-race child in an emotional bind. How is one to deal with the white parent if all white people must be hated? This rush to reveal their “blackness” and to go all out for the “black” cause gives some degree of resolution, I suppose.

© Sylvia Thompson


4 Responses to Opinion: Enough With Talk, America, It’s Time To Fight

  • Thank you! I have been dismayed at the silence of The Church! I am in a PCA church and I have brought up all the aspects of all that is happening. Especially the freedom of speech and worship have me terribly worried. I have been active in defending these rights on social media . I feel like we can add so much to the fight to bring back freedom and morality to this country! I feel abandoned by my church and small group as no one seems to the urgency of what is happening, I am in the process of writing to our denomination because we need a voice for our young people!

  • Thank you for your open words of truth to set men and women free from their fears and deceit in this nation.

  • Ms. Thompson, I loved your article!

  • Thank you Ms. Thompson, your article is beautifully written. This George Soros et all group who is directing and backing this anarchist scam, could not care less about America. They want to destroy America and are using brainwashed fools who don’t realize that their whole story is a lie. Prejudice exists world wide. America has come so far in making people less prejudice, but stupidity is hard to eliminate. Just quickly, the Chinese who were defended by our “WOKE” NBA so loudly are EXTREMELY PREJUDICE against BLACK PEOPLE. Most restaurants in China will not let them in. The Hann Chinese are prejudice against all the other Chinese. Japanese and South Koreans think they are superior to everyone in the world. Many Moslem countries Kill gay people. President Trump gave up so much to save this country and the people aligned against him are part of the very few corrupt elite who don’t want him to expose the corrupt system that benefits them, not the other 99.8% of us. You and I wonder why the Republicans don’t stand up to BLM with us and the President. It has to be that they are part of the evil that is trying to take us down. So sad, I thank you again. tom

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