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Marlon and Karen Furtado

Marlon and Karen Furtado

There she was. The love of my life. Of course, we were only in the 2nd grade, but I knew she was the one. I ran up to her swing and kissed her. Oh, the heaven’s exploded. Sadly, it didn’t go anywhere. She picked one of the other boys who kissed her.

I decided I wanted a more mature woman anyway. So, when I was in the 5th grade, I set my eyes on Sandy, the beautiful 8th grader. She was taller than me, so a kiss wasn’t likely. But one morning as I passed my sister’s dresser, I saw her bracelet. Suddenly the entire plan came together. At recess I gave the bracelet to Lonnie, my fearless friend, with the instructions to tell Sandy it was from me. The rest of the day flew by, daydreaming at my desk of life with Sandy…until someone came into our classroom and said I was wanted in the principal’s office. There, sitting in his office was Sandy…and next to her my mom… And there on his desk was the bracelet!

Sandy had turned it in, thinking I may have stolen it! Can you believe her? After I opened my heart to her. I couldn’t admit I stole it… I couldn’t even raise my eyes to look at anyone. I tried to blame Lonnie, but it was obvious.

As I left his office, mom’s words froze me to the core. She said, “I’ll pick you up after school and you’re going to get a spanking.” No more daydreaming about Sandy…now my thoughts circled like vultures waiting for my death. The spanking hurt; I cried, but the lesson took. I’m glad my parents didn’t let it slide.

There were some girlfriends in high school…but none of them lasted more than a year.

Then I met Karen. I was immediately captivated by this gal wearing the quirky hat. I had to get to know her. Long story short, we were married six years later and recently celebrated our 40th anniversary. We contribute the success of our marriage to it being a threesome from the start.

Have you ever twisted two strands of rope together? They come apart as soon as you let go. But if you include a third and braid them together, it stays tight and strong. We invited Jesus to be the third person in our marriage.

We didn’t just choose His teachings to follow, but we asked Him to be the umpire in our home.

There have been many times I’ve thought, “Karen just hit a foul ball. That was wrong in what she said or how she said it.”

But many of those times, Jesus has spoken quietly to my spirit, “Marlon, you weren’t very patient or kind. Your response also stunk. Admit it and ask forgiveness. Clear it up with her.

Jesus has helped us become more patient with each other and overlook a lot of things. He’s helped us forgive and taught us how to love. We’ve enjoyed Him being the umpire.

I’m not claiming to be a great husband and I’m not trying to preach at you.
I’m just one thirsty & hungry beggar who has found a treasure trove of refreshing water & good food and I want to share it with my friends.

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