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American citizens, Holly and her son Phoenix, held under Martial Law in Cusco, Peru

Husband and friends appeal to Congress, State Department and White House

Holly Cook and her 11-year old son, Phoenix, from Oregon City, OR. have been confined in Cusco, Peru since March 12, 2020. Soon after their arrival, Martial Law was implemented by the Peruvian Government halting all travel not only out of the country but within its own borders.

Family and friends are appealing to media outlets to shine a light on this situation and put pressure on the U.S. government for help.

“I am extremely worried about the safety and well-being of my wife and son since Peru declared martial law. Since then, I have been on the phone non-stop trying to get the attention of Congressmen and other politicians to get them home safely. I am appealing to the media outlets for help and to get the word out.”, said husband Mark Walsh.

Cook and her son have been holed up in their hotel room with the threat of arrest, little food and questionable sanitary conditions.

Initially, the Peruvian government cancelled all commercial flights in and out of Peru. Family and friends called upon the Oregon Congressional delegation who then contacted State Department officials. Communication channels between the two countries continue, according to national media reports.

Private flights arrived last Tuesday in Lima, Peru, to evacuate Americans. Some Americans with medical conditions, the elderly and minors have been evacuated from Cusco, Peru. However, Cook and her minor son who are in Cusco, Peru, have not been chosen to board airplanes where adults from other states have been allowed to leave.

“Both Phoenix and I are losing weight and are starting to feel sick,” said Cook from her Facebook page, Holly Marie Cook. “We’ve all lost a fair amount of weight and our two boys, (another woman with a son), are not eating well as food is becoming more and more scarce. I can tell Phoenix has been traumatized by this as we all have”.

She continued, “As we still wait for a manifested flight, we are seeing men in yellow hazmat suits spraying unknown chemicals. A hotel down the street was visited by military police and every person staying in the hotel was photographed. The situation is becoming more daunting, just a reality, I’m not speaking from fear.”.

It’s uncertain at this time, if more private flights will be allowed into the third world country to evacuate Americans.

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