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Art Crino

Dr. Michael Pillsbury is fluent in the Mandarin Chinese language, allowing him to be a wealth of information on China. He has served in eight presidential administrations and periodically appears on the Lou Dobbs show.

During the Nixon presidency, China’s Marshal Chen Yi became aware of Nixon’s wish to “win over China”. After some correspondence between Beijing and the White House, Nixon accepted an invitation to visit Beijing. When Mao Tse-tung sat face to face with Nixon he portrayed China as a harmless vulnerable supplicant desperate for aid and protection. Mao lamented the Soviet’s actions on the northern border. Nixon secretly offered aid to China’s Army.

Deng Xiaoping, Mao’s replacement, declined the U.S. offer of military equipment. Instead he wanted to obtain knowledge and skills from the U.S. President Ford continued the enhanced relationship with China. The magnitude of the gifts was kept secret from the U.S. Citizens.

To foster Deng’s goal of a short cut to massive scientific technological development, President Carter became a willing partner. This massive technical material was followed by Carter’s administration granting China most- favored Nation status as a U.S. trading partner. And the romance with China found President Reagan permitting the Pentagon to sell advanced air, ground, naval and missile technology to make China a world-class force.

President Bush’s February 1989 visit to China resulted in another massive quantity of advanced military supplies. Initially President Clinton resisted the ongoing romance with China but finally viewed China as something of an ally.

During Xi Jinping’s 2015 visit to Washington, D.C. he dazzled President Obama with his admission of having read The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton and Common Sense by Thomas Payne.

According to Dr. Pillsbury, we should be concerned with China’s non- military efforts. Specific concern should be with Colonel Liu Mingfu’s program “The Hundred — Year Marathon”. It describes how to achieve Xi’s dream of China surpassing and then replacing the United States as the world’s leader. This Marathon began in 1949 and is to reach Xi’s dream in 2049.The details of The Hundred-Year Marathon could essentially fill a book. Dr. Michael Pillsbury did publish a book by that title. Its sub- title: China’s Secret Strategy To Replace America As The Global Superpower. A few of the program’s issues follow:

The goal is to normally have approximately 240,000 of China’s students in US universities. They are to study science, business management and other potentially “safe” subjects — but no courses on the free market, economics and elections.

Federal law bars foreign governments from holding radio licenses or owning stations. More than a dozen stations across the US are among a total of 33 globally that operate covertly with Beijing hiding behind front men. President Xi Jinping refers to this as China’s “soft power”. The FCC and the Justice Department have both opened investigations.

And there are China practices that are referred to as “neocolonialism”. China’s formal term for the practice is “One Belt, One Road”. An example is where China has taken advantage of the U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services (USCIS) EB-5 program.

It allows foreign investment with tax incentives and the immigrants gain legal residency with US Green Cards. There are EB-5 centers in all 50 states. This program has helped China’s apparent position as the largest land owner in the U.S.. An example of an EB-5 participant is the China National Machinery Industrial Corporation. It is known as Sinomach. With typical sales of 14 billion dollars per year, it has been active in more than130 countries as a general contractor for large projects.

China has been offering loans to industries throughout the developing nations. When they default the typical result is foreclosure, increasing China’s assets.

China already controls at least 97 percent of the global rare earth metals production and is aggressively working to increase its share. It becomes a powerful tool in trade negotiations or disputes as it demonstrated recently with Japan.

Article 7 of the National Intelligence Law of China allows every commercial entity to be instantly weaponized to commit espionage, technology theft or whatever else is to be in China’s interest. That is a matter of public record.
The China lobby is large and formidable today– consider how the NBA was cowed into silence during Chinese repression of the freedom movement in Hong Kong.

Our government has operated on the assumption that economic and financial relations with China would lead Beijing to liberalize politically. Yet China has shown no signs of embracing individual freedom or the rule of law.

In spite of the multitudes of threatening Chinese practices, Dr. Pillsbury observes there are still “panda huggers” in our government — unconcerned with the proverbial elephant in the living room”, The Hundred — Year Marathon.

Art Crino is a combat veteran of WW II, graduate of OSU in Electrical Engineering and his career was in engineering and factory management.
Art may be contacted by e-mail at: crino9850@ comcast.net
Reprinted with permission from the Roseburg Beacon News, Vol.13 – Issue 5 January 29, 2020

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