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Pauli Bowlen

Pauli Bowlen

By Connie Warnock, The Northwest Connection

By Connie Warnock, The Northwest Connection

The other day, Pauli called me. She lives in Marysville, WA. Her husband Dave passed away a little over a year ago. It’s hard to think of them without each other. They were a perfect balancing act and our dearest friends.

We met showing dogs and decided it would be more fun to travel to the same shows in our motor homes. We did this for many years. Dave lived well into his 90’s and Pauli is now in her 80’s. Her last Pekingese dog died on Dave’s last birthday. To say we love them both is almost an understatement. Pauli can tell a joke like no other. And, Dave’s penchant for talking politics and riling up someone standing near was legendary.
Our last show trip, found us parked in Canada in a hillside RV park. Pauli was upset over their newly purchased trailer. She loves to cooktrailer and in the confines of the trailer, it was difficult. So, Dave suggested she get chicken so they could barbecue it. I walked to the nearby store with her and as we came out of the store a huge gust of wind came up. It blew Pauli’s white wig she always wore off her head! A truck was bearing down on us, and, as I grabbed Pauli back, the truck ran over her wig! Well, she managed to work her magic on it and I somehow managed to stop laughing hysterically. This story is only one of at least a hundred. I will share more of these stories in the months to come.

While we were talking last week, she reminded me of a poem she had written about a dog and a flea. She lamented the fact that she had never had it published. So here it is, my darling friend, published at last. And, I guarantee it will bring a chuckle to all who read, “The Flea and Me.” She claims it came to her through her little black dog, Shado. Enjoy!

By Shado
I went into the Garden
One bright and sunny day
Wishing there were someone
With whom I could play.
I sniffed the fountain and the flowers
And the grass around my toes
And at that moment something
Landed blithely on my nose!
I tried to get my eyes in focus
To see what it could be
And beheld this little creature
Staring boldly back at me.
He had big eyes and skinny legs
And, looked quite out of place
In fact, he was so strange I thought
He was from outer space.
Well, needless to say, I was surprised
But, he seemed a friendly chap
So, I thought we might play awhile
Before I took my nap.
In a cautious, timid sort of way
I asked who he might be
And, aggressively he answered
“Hey, good buddy, I’m Joe, the flea!”
Well, here was my chance to make a friend
So I asked, “Won’t you stay awhile?”
And, without a moment’s hesitation
he answered with a smile
“I know a game called ‘hide and seek’ and if you’d like to play
I’ll show you how it goes and we can have some fun today.”
“Now, said Joe, just close your eyes and I’ll hide in your hair,
I promise not to mess it up, I see it was brushed with care.”
He was gone with a flash and before I knew
He was completely out of sight.
I thought I felt him on my ear
So, I scratched with all my might!
And, then I felt him on my leg,
And, then behind my tail,
Then all around my tummy side,
“Old” Joe was sure not frail!
I scratched and bit and chewed myself
Trying to find that flea.
But, he just scampered around on my skin
Laughing hilariously.
About that time, my mom came running
Down the garden path.
She hurriedly hustled me into the house
And, promptly drew my bath!
I said to Joe, “You’d better go,
I think my mom is mad.
She doesn’t seem to understand
The fun that we have had.”
A few days later, I went to the garden
And, while in the sun I sat,
I noticed that Joe was playing
“Hide and Seek” with the cat!
By Pauli Bowen

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