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Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)

This is one time I would like to make a bargain with Democrats. Do you suppose that they will promise to return all the BILLIONS of dollars with interest that they are proposing to steal from Oregonians with their draconian ‘Carbon Tax,’ if our climate does not improve one bit?   Their scheme to drive up energy prices will severely hurt every Oregonian, especially the poor, the working man, and those living in rural areas. Yet every scientist able to make quantitative calculations realizes that schemes by Democrats to run the price of gasoline, diesel, and natural gas through the roof will not alter the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Oregon is simply too small. We are one tenth of one percent of “the climate problem,” if there is a problem. And there is no problem. The best we could ever hope to achieve by turning the clock back to the Stone Age here in Oregon is to reduce the worldwide human contribution of CO2 by one part in a thousand, a TOTALLY negligible amount.

Of course, some Democrats who desperately want a Carbon Tax will say that we need to set a good example for the rest of the world. Does anyone believe for one second that China, Russia, and India will follow our example, especially when they see how severely it will impact our way of life? They will just quietly chuckle, as they fully understand what we mean by “Assisted Suicide!” We are already sacrificing our one economical coal-fired power plant in Boardman, as China continues to complete a new one every other week in China and around the Third World.

Of course, Democrats always want higher taxes, not for their stated purposes but as a vehicle for continued one-party rule. They know that taxes raised on the promise of using them for their stated purpose hardly lasts more than a year. Future legislators are never bound to continue using taxes as taxpayers were originally promised. They can raise billions of dollars from a gross receipts tax on the promise of helping schools and turn right around and spend the money on something more inline with their ideology. And then they can just cry poor again and raise more money on the promise of helping our schools. It is the scam that keeps on working, because few realize what they are doing.

But at least our schools get something, however little, out of these Democrat ruses.

But our climate will not see any improvement at all from a Democrat Carbon Tax, even if you believe the most dire of predictions from the self-serving ‘Climate Cartel.’ With $4 gas or even $10 gas, our winters will not get any colder. With a doubling or tripling of home heating bills, our summers will not be any cooler. We will not get any more or less rain or more or less snow. We will continue to see Columbus Day storms and Atmospheric Rivers striking our coast as the massive 1962 and 1861-62 events inevitably repeat themselves.

We will continue to experience giant hurricanes, like the Great Hurricane of 1780 that killed 20,000 people and the similar Hurricane Maria in 2018 that killed hundreds. Alaska will continue to cycle through warm and cold spells. The Greenland ice cap will continue to dump huge blocks of ice into the North Atlantic creating hazards for shipping, and glaciers in West Antarctica will continue to speed up and slow down, due to volcanic activity, as they have for centuries.

Nothing will change with our climate, unless Mother Nature wants it to change. But everything will change in our society, including especially increasing poverty and increasing environmental destruction from the insane windmills now industrializing our last scenic vistas while chopping up our eagles and bats. Even the future King of England, Prince Charles, a misinformed climate alarmist, refuses to allow any windmills near his royal estates.

The Democrat elites here in Oregon will see to it that they come out on top, as will those they favor with all the money that they extract from the rest of us.

The Chinese are not the only ones laughing at us for being sooo terribly stupid. Mother Nature is too. She and the Chinese have surely noticed that the upward trajectory of atmospheric CO2, as measured on Mauna Loa in Hawaii, did not change when the Chinese started bringing so many new coal-fired power plants into operation beginning in 2002. This should tell everyone acquainted with elementary logic, that a similar effort to reduce human emissions will have no noticeable effect either, even if we and everyone else sacrifices our prosperity.

How can this be? New research from physicists Murry Salby, Ed Berry, and Hermann Harde show that humans are responsible for no more than 10% of the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, even though our emissions over the last sixty years have been more than enough to account for all the observed increase. The explanation is that CO2 cycles into and out of the atmosphere in far greater quantities (200 GtC/year) than our current small yearly contribution (10 GtC/year). We (all seven billion of us worldwide) are small players compared with Mother Nature. Even the Chinese are small players with 1,400,000,000 people. Oregon with only 4,100,000 people does not even get honorable mention in this comparison.

Why aren’t Democrats paying attention to any of the real science? Part of the reason is that most are scientifically illiterate, but the crucial reason is that it has never supported their claim of any impending climate catastrophe. There is every incentive for them to ignore the science completely and pretend they never heard Dr Ralph Cicerone, recent past President of the US National Academy of Sciences and an ardent alarmist, say “We don’t have that kind of evidence.”

Democrats do not want to know that the constant media clamor about a climate catastrophe is nonsense and even claims that our climate has warmed slightly, due to human emissions, are bogus. That utterly undercuts their push for a Carbon Tax.

 Corruption is the name of the game with the Carbon Tax

 Because Democrats cannot offer any rational arguments, we are hearing media reports of numerous attempts to buy off key constituencies previously opposed to the Carbon Tax by offering them some sort of favorable treatment. If they drop their opposition, they are being promised a slower phase in of the most egregious provisions. Boeing is one large business apparently approached in this manner.

In other cases, opponents are being threatened with loss of the benefits they now enjoy from the legislature. The political group ‘Timber Unity’ that has organized Oregon’s logging community has apparently been threatened. Their response has been increased anger at Democrats. The working man has had enough of the corruption in Salem and is fighting back. That is wonderful for Oregon, for the nation, and for science.

Do Democrats know that they are complicit in the greatest scientific fraud of all time? Of course, they do! And they profoundly do not care. Whether their actions amount to total fraud or total stupidity is difficult to determine. I suspect a combination of both.

Gordon J. Fulks lives in Corbett and can be reached at gordonfulks@hotmail.com. He holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago’s Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space Research and has no conflicts of interest on this subject.


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