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James Buchal

The Multnomah County Republican Party continues to watch the staggering mismanagement of Oregon’s foster program highlighted by the late Republican Secretary of State Dennis Richardson, and urges legislators to step up oversight of the program.  “Under the incompetent and corrupt leadership of Democratic Governor Kate Brown,” said Chairman James Buchal, “Oregon has been shipping its children all over the country at enormous expense to remote, out-of-state facilities as to which very serious allegations of abuse and mistreatment have been made.”

“To make matters worse,” said Buchal, “the State’s leaders may be inclined to turn a blind eye toward these abuses because PERS is now investing in some of the same facilities.”  “We need to bring the children and this money back home to Oregon,” said Buchal.

The degree of Democratic mismanagement cannot be understated:  Oregon spends millions of dollars building secure facilities, then closes them down or even abandoned them before they ever operated, and then spends millions more shipping children out of state because there are not enough in-state facilities.  “Taxpayers who want to see their money set on fire in this fashion should keep voting for the Democrats,” said Buchal.


ACLU Report to Governor Brown, April 1, 2019


MCRP Office, 503-956-0919

James Buchal, MRCP Chair, 503-227-1011


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