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The prince had no idea he was a prince. He went along his path helping those he felt were in need. It was said of him that if a hand was needed to be of help, it was always his hand that was held out to grasp. It was indeed a fact that his hand on the shoulder of an anxious or confused child had an immediate calming effect. Unlike most of the princes you may know, this one spoke not with a superior tone. He spoke with a voice that was soft – yet tender and knowing. If he had no ready answer for a question, he would simply find one. Of course, the found answer would indeed be exactly right or at the least doable. He marveled at all of nature, especially the silky white mushrooms that lived along his path.

He didn’t see himself as a prince. He simply wanted to learn and to do his chores. Yes, sometimes if mothers are smart, they teach their little princes how to work in the world. May it be known this was not an easy life he lead. Truthfully, it was not the life of a prince. No – he had to hold fast to his space in the pond of life. Most of the time he felt indeed like a frog sitting beside the magical white mushrooms.

Although he made his share of poor decisions, they hurt only him. It is odd isn’t it? One can make a decision that hurts them but ultimately benefits many. It would appear to all whom he met that he improved their situation. All the same, he found that his life zigged when it should have zagged. How many princes would have called it a day – but not him. He got by, helped who he could, and lived his life. Though he experienced what seemed like more downs than ups, those who met him seemed to find in him the straw they needed to grasp.

Then, one day, everything changed. He saw all the hard work and he saw most important of all that he now had the opportunity to share his life and govern his small kingdom. He was able to impart all he had learned for after all that is what princes do. Best of all, he fell in love. Of course, she was a commoner. However, doesn’t that seem just right? For it was she who showed him the way and kept the faith alive within him. It was she who helped him see that he had always been a prince and then some. What she didn’t know was what many women already know – we are the makers of kings. Unbeknownst to him she had been waiting to be a queen. And, so the moral of this story is: If you happen to fall in love with a frog, just remember that you may not be able to see the prince at first.

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