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Mary Jo Conniff, The Northwest Connection

Senator Ted Cruz, Photo Credit: Wikipedia

This brave man never waivers in his support of a border walls! He has experience on how these walls, along with professionals, tough immigration legislation, and technology, are effective.

In a recent speech to the Senate, (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_NMWxkjUis&feature=youtu.be)

Ted said that politicians from states that don’t share borders with other nations are very supportive of anti-wall rhetoric. He tells us that it’s convenient for them to have that opinion because they are unaffected.

I know what Sen Cruz means, but in the last 10-20 years EVERY STATE has suffered with drugs that are killing our children; gangs that promote the death of our family units (both literally and figuratively); that traffic people for the sex trade and to illegally, for thousands of dollars and terrible danger, to trespass into the U.S.

Senator Cruz at Border. Photo credit: Ruben R. Ramirez

This is horrifically changing the climate of our country! Our sons and daughters, our parents are dying from drugs, some now tainted with fentanyl, gun shootings (using ILLEGALLY purchased weapons!), sex trade issues, and cartel crimes.

These criminals infest and infect our communities from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to Omaha, Nebraska and beyond. Where there were the products of their “trades,” the criminals have now been allowed to infiltrate America with their actual presence.

I live in southern Arizona, a zone where the promotion of crimes being committed are now crossing our southern border at an increasingly alarming rate! WE MUST HAVE A WALL! THE DEMOCRATS, MANY OF WHOM BUILD WALLS AROUND THEIR HOMES AS SECURITY, KNOW WHAT WE NEED AND WHY!

PRESIDENT TRUMP, I support you! I pray that you get another four years and a majority in the House and Senate, along with Patriots who need to chip in to help make our security a priority!

Builders? Contractors? Project Managers? Security professionals? Block, brick, mortar, hard hat and equipment providers? Step forward and do some voluntary work! Offer contracts at super reduced cost! Let’s get this done!

America, Bless God

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