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Secretary of State Bev Clarno

Oregon Secretary of State Bev Clarno invites all Oregon 5th grade students and their teachers to participate in the campaign and election of the 2020 Oregon Kid Governor. Read the welcome letter from Secretary Clarno.

Each Oregon school or home-schooler that chooses to participate will nominate one 5th grade student. Oregon’s Kid Governors are elected by fellow 5th graders from across the state. During the week of November 4-12, all participating 5th graders will view the finalists’ campaign videos and will vote for their favorite. The winner will be announced before Thanksgiving.

During their one-year term, Oregon’s Kid Governor will work with the Secretary of State’s office on their campaign issue and will meet with Oregon leaders and legislators.

For more information or to register and access the lesson plans visit http://orkg.kidgovernor.org/

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