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Marlon Furtado

I enjoy watching videos of mountain goats running up and down sheer mountainsides. They make it look so easy, and they never give any indication of fear. It doesn’t matter whether they are standing on a precipice high above the ocean or on the side of a mountain hundreds of feet up, they walk around like it’s a leisurely stroll down the street. Even in these precarious positions, they can walk backwards or turn completely around without any problems.

The mountain goat is another animal that is a problem for evolution to explain. It’s hard to imagine what it would have been like for the cliff-walkers before they possessed special hooves. Before evolution “happened to develop by chance,” these animals must have lived in the valley. Those that tried to climb up the rocks or climb down a sheer side would have fallen to their deaths. What kind of feet did goats have before their evolution? Was a normal goat shocked when her newborn kid came out with different feet, with hooves? Was the mother goat surprised when her kid started running up and down the mountainside? The theory of evolution would have us believe that these hooves were passed on to succeeding generations, so that now we only have goats with special mountain-climbing-hooves.

When I was younger and a bit more spry, I went with my son to an indoor rock wall at the nearby college. Some of the climbers were able to scamper up the 20-25 feet to the top. I think I only made it to the top once or twice. But even professional rock climbers are no match for these goats. Can you imagine how much easier it would be to climb if we had the hooves of the mountain goat. I wonder if someday evolution will see fit to “bless” a mom with her child exiting from her womb with goat legs and goat feet? Can you imagine what that home would be like when that child begins to walk (and climb)! Sounds far-fetched, doesn’t it?

I’m not trying to offend those who accept the theory of evolution as fact, but I am trying to show how nonsensical it is. It doesn’t matter how long they say the earth has existed, there isn’t enough time to account for all the variety and complexity of animal life. It makes far more sense to accept the Bible’s explanation that God designed humans and all the creatures from the very start.

In addition, the Bible offers a solution for the real plights of man. The most important thing isn’t for me to climb a sheer rock wall. It’s to have peace and forgiveness, freedom from guilt and assurance about life after death. Evolution gives absolutely zero hope. The theory of evolution promotes the idea that a mindless chance occurrence accounts for all we see. There is no hope beyond the grave. Life is just the result of random events without any purpose or plan.

The Bible declares that God has a plan and a purpose for every human being. He loves us and wants to guide us through each day, as well as have us live with Him in Heaven forever. His Son, Jesus, made it possible for that to happen. If you haven’t investigated Christ yet, I commend to you the Bible to acquaint yourself with His life.



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