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Tj Saling Caldwell, Director, Apple of His Eye Charities

Saddle up for Apple of His Eye Charity ride

My first Mother’s Day gift from my husband was a road bike. I have always loved biking but once out of college, and with other responsibilities filling my time, I pretty much stopped biking. Dan, my husband, on the other hand got on his first bike at the age of four and never got off. He absolutely loves it and his passion reignited my passion. We now ride bikes year-round, weather permitting, and although we ride for fun and recreation, I have learned that for many around the world it is their main form, if not only form, of transportation.

Once going on mission to India and Rwanda, I saw the need for bikes in almost every area of our ministry: the older orphans need transportation to college or vocational training programs; the widows need transportation for everyday errands; pastors that walk miles every day to share the gospel or minister to those in need can use bikes thus reaching many more in one day; and then the orphans need bikes to exercise, play and just be kids!Realizing the need and seeing the impact bicycles have in our different areas of ministry inspired Cycle for a Cause. We thought: why not turn a sport that we love and enjoy into something that helps others, too?

Last summer, in August 2018, we held our first Cycle for a Cause. A Sandy, OR family let us use their property off Bluff Rd. to start and finish the ride. The courses varied in length and difficulty; and we had riders for each route, with the longest going up the mountain past Sandy.

Although a small crowd gathered that first year, the excitement for the cause and the fun during the event was evident. Riders started talking and planning for next year that very same day! I knew than we had something special and would be scheduling another Cycle for a Cause. And we did!

Join us August 4th, 2019 for our second annual Cycle for a Cause. This year will look a little different from last year. We’ve switched the courses from Sandy to the beautiful country around Canby, Mt Angel, and Silverton. The ride will start and finish at the historic Saint Josef’s Winery. If you’ve never been there, you are in for a treat. The grounds are stunning—set on acres of vineyards with a huge pond in the middle. The family-owned winery has an incredible venue that will make you feel you’ve stepped into an Italian villa.

You have two courses from which to choose:

1) For the more serious rider, we have a metric century that runs through back country roads until you arrive in Silverton. Once in Silverton you make your way up to Silver Falls with for some of the most beautiful vista’s making the hard climb well worth the effort. A break at Silver Falls for a light lunch will refuel you for the ride down the other side of the falls making a large loop back to the winery.

2) The shorter 30-mile route is relatively flat with a few rolling hills as you ride by lush fields and farms with a break in Mt. Angel. There, you can stop at their quaint coffee shop, or grab a quick snack at their famous sausage factory.

You will be welcomed back with live music, food and drink. Relax, kick back and celebrate a job well done as you enjoy the gorgeous surroundings of Saint Josef’s Winery. You will also have the opportunity to hear more about the cause you just helped!


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