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July 11, Noon, Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland OREGON

A peaceful gathering of law abiding volunteers, turned into nothing less than criminal harassment dominated by a rag tag group of ANTIFA activists. While Parents’ Rights In Education (PRIE) members, a non-profit organization dedicated to defending parents’ rights to direct the education of their children, gathered on the steps of the Pioneer Courthouse Square, Portland, Oregon, waiting for an interview with KPTV12 reporter Debra Gill, they were attacked by the angry mob, Youth Liberation Front.

Because the PRIE group were attending a 9th Circuit hearing at the Pioneer Courthouse across the street from the public park, it seemed perfectly normal to plan a gathering there during the Noon hour, grab a bite to eat, and talk with the citizens about issues.

When another reporter, Marja Martinez arrived with her cameraman to conduct the interview, PRIE Director Suzanne Gallagher was attacked by masked men with blow horns shouting toxic transgender epithets, “Trans Rights Matter,” God is Dead, I f**ked God and He died, Go home homophobes,” so loudly directly in her ear neither individual could hear. Clearly, they are anti-Christian, and heterophobes.

The interview was stopped immediately. The rest of the renegade group continued to harass PRIE members, until finally one of them, Geri Bennett called for police protection. Geri is pictured here with the Security Guard on duty.

When the Portland Police officer arrived, he escorted the women to safety.

Pioneer Courthouse Square, once a beautiful and welcoming place for all citizens is not safe because law enforcement and the city of Portland refuse to protect all the citizens, giving unruly gangs preferential treatment. Free speech rights are reserved for two groups: those who say nothing, and others who violate the rights of others by criminal harassment.

It was obvious the LGBTQ+ AGENDA is their focus, by the epithets hurled at PRIE members, While ANTIFA Youth Liberation Front gang giggles over their irrational criminal mob attack, PRIE leaders delight in the REAL and blatantly obvious message conveyed to the public. Those LGBTQ+ representatives have no respect for public discussion. Their AGENDA is one of hate and disrespect for families and the rights of all children. They are militant bullies and do not even deserve a seat at the table.

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