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Susan Gallagher, Parents Rights In Education

Oregon Ninth Circuit will hear Parents for Privacy VS Dallas School district case, Thursday, July 11

PRIE is one of 4 plaintiffs in a lawsuit against DALLAS SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 2; OREGON, DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION; GOVERNOR KATE BROWN, in her official capacity as the Superintendent of Public Instruction; and UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION; BETSY DEVOS, in her official capacity as United States Secretary of Education as successor to JOHN B. KING, JR.; UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE; JEFF SESSIONS, in his official capacity as United States Attorney General, as successor to LORETTA F. LYNCH

Attorney Ryan Adams will handle the oral argument. Judges Graber, Tashima and Owens preside. Members of the organization will be present to hear the arguments, however based on previous rulings we are not hopeful.

Kate’s new law HB2023 goes too far!

The first openly bi-sexual US Governor signed House Bill 2030 mandating classroom instruction on homosexuals, lesbians, and transgenders. Pro-LGBT lessons will be sprinkled throughout school subjects such as history, geography, economics, and civics lessons. In other words, LGBT historical figures are featured because of their sexual preference and gender identity, not their relation to the subject being taught. Because of the comprehensive nature of the plan, parents cannot opt students out of the lessons.

The 9th Circuit STOLE Parents’ Rights!

In 2005 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found in Fields v. Palmdale School District  “that the Meyer-Pierce right [of parents to direct the upbringing of their children] does not exist beyond the threshold of the school door.”

The court stated, “We conclude that the parents are possessed of no constitutional right to prevent the public schools from providing information on the subject [of sexuality] to their students in any forum or manner they select.”

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