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Marlon Furtado

Man’s inhumanity to man is most clearly seen in racism. It has led to Hitler’s extermination camps in WWII, the Rwandan genocide of 1994, Stalin’s “Great Purge” in the 1930’s. It has also shown its ugly face in the enslavement, mistreatment and murder of Blacks in our own country’s history. This level of bigotry and hatred is the result of a heart that is diseased by sin and fueled by the devil. But racism is not only manifested in such large-scale atrocities.

I watched a movie recently about a little black girl who was the first to go to a “white” school during the early days of desegregation. Parents and students of that school said cruel and vicious things to that little first-grader, all the while smugly praying before their meals, thinking God was pleased with them BECAUSE THEY WERE WHITE. Their hatred of that little girl was based solely upon the shade of her skin.

I believe racism has found fertile soil to grow into a poisonous plant in Darwin’s evolutionary dogma. There is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that one species develops into a different species. And yet, that is what is being promoted as FACT among our children, many of whom are now in positions of leadership as adults. Across our educational system God is being removed as our Creator. He is being replaced by a mindless process that “somehow” developed life from a lifeless mass of inanimate stuff. Then, over eons of time, “somehow” all the species we see today evolved.

Lest you not see the connection between racism and evolution, Darwin’s philosophy suggests that different races of people have evolved from different sources at different times. For example, during Darwin’s life (only 200 years ago) many people held the view that Blacks evolved from strong, but less intelligent, gorillas. Orientals were higher on the evolutionary chart, having evolved from orangutans. But Whites were the most highly evolved, having come from the most intelligent primates, the chimpanzee. People were led to believe that some “races” were less evolved and closer to being ape-like. Therefore, mistreating them was nothing more than mistreating an animal. The first step in developing racist views is dehumanizing those you look down upon.

The study of genetics has confirmed God’s Word that all people are equal. There may be differences in skin tone and facial contours, but there is only ONE RACE of people. We all have the same BLOOD. We ALL came from Adam and Eve. That’s why Red Cross blood drives don’t care about skin color.

Some have twisted Scripture in their attempt to justify their racism. I was surprised to find that the Ku Klux Klan considers itself a Christian organization. Supremacist groups like KKK wrongly believe that God loves WHITES more than BLACKS. Sadly, much of the slavery in our country was hoisted upon blacks by “Bible-believing” whites. But the Bible reveals that God places His image upon all people, giving them equal value.

People have not evolved from animals. Because God designed us, we ask questions such as, “What is the meaning of my life? What do I want to study? Who should I marry? What can I create next? What do I wish to write about?” You never see a cow sitting in the middle of a field contemplating these or other questions.

One thing science has discovered is DNA, the “blueprint” of people. In this very complex chemical structure, God placed the potential for all sorts of superficial features to become dominant in different geographical areas.

 Please don’t misread me. I am NOT saying that everyone who holds to Darwin’s evolution is a mean-spirited racist. But I am saying that if you carry evolution to its logical end, it dehumanizes people, which is the first step toward racism.

Whether white, black, or brown, all of us are sinners in need of salvation. The Bible tells us that Heaven will be populated with men and women from all nations and languages, regardless of their skin color. The Church is to lead the way in showing love for those of all colors, being a family united in our love for Jesus and filled with His love for others. We must never relinquish the truth that we are created in God’s image and not evolved from apes.                           revmar51@gmail.com

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