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Helen Maguire

The rose, the flower for those born in the month of June, is the national flower of both the United States and England. It is also state flower of several states including Iowa, North Dakota, Georgia, New York and Texas. Portland, Oregon holds an annual Rose Festival, and in Southern California’s annual Rose Parade features hundreds of floats decorated with many thousands of roses and other flowers and plants.

All species of the Rosa (Latin for red) come from the northern hemisphere, and normally form as shrubs or bushes with flowers. However some are considered trailing plants or climbers that will grow up walls and over other plants. The most common colors are red, pink, yellow and white; however they can also be found in various other colors including orange, peach, purple and black.

Loved for its beauty and fragrance, it’s sweet scent and delicate appearance belies its sturdy durability in an arrangement. Roses express a multitude of emotions, depending upon the color. A red rose is the classic “I love you” sentiment, white roses symbolize purity and innocence, and yellow say “remember me.”

The ancient Greeks and Romans associated the roses with their goddesses of love Aphrodite and Venus which is probably what has led to the red rose being considered the rose of love in today’s modern culture.

In Rome a wild rose would also be placed on the doorstep of a room where confidential matters were being discussed, warning others not to enter.

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