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Marlon Furtado

If evolution is true, then there must have been a time when these three animals did not possess their miraculous abilities. I’ve listened in on their meetings at that time.

BATS. “Guys, I’m having difficulty flying at night and catching enough insects to fill my stomach. But I’ve been thinking. Why don’t we start using a high-pitched sonar to locate the insects at night?” Another bat in the back of the group speaks up. “What’s sonar?” The first bat tries to explain, “It’s a noise we make. It will bounce off the insects and return to our little ears. Then we’ll do some fast, complex mathematics to determine the speed and trajectory of the insects. And then we’ll be able to nab more food.” The bat at the back yells out again, “I’m still having trouble understanding this sonar-thing. If I don’t understand it, how am I to pass it down to my bat-children?”

SPIDERS. “Guys, I’m having trouble catching flies. They always take off when I get close enough to jump on them.” Another spider takes the mic and says, “I’ve got the solution. We should weave a sticky web in their flight path. We’ll make it nearly invisible so when they fly through it, they’ll get stuck. Then we’ll run down the web and tie them up so they can’t escape.” A third spider speaks up, “Uh, where do we get the material for these ‘invisible webs’?” The second one said, “Oh, it’s a kind of silk that you’ll make inside your body and it will come out as a continuous thread from the rear end of your body.” A fourth spider yelled out, “Next thing you’re going to tell us is that we should hang around in the center of our web upside down.” (laughter from the crowd)

WOODPECKERS. “Guys, my hearing is phenomenal. I can hear bugs under the bark of trees, but I can’t get to them. And I don’t like the idea of eating worms in the ground.” Another woodpecker spoke up, “Stand on the side of a tree and where you hear those bugs, jackhammer your beak until it breaks through the bark. Then send your long, sticky tongue into the hole to catch the bugs.” The first one responded, “How do I pound on the tree without getting a headache or breaking my beak? And did you say, ‘jackhammer’? What’s a jackhammer?”

As you can see from these spoofs, it’s harder to believe these highly complex abilities developed sometime after the animal existed, or that it somehow developed within one generation to be passed on to the billions of bats, spiders, and woodpeckers in our world. It makes more sense to believe, as our Bible declares, that God created these animals with special abilities intact from the beginning.

You may not realize it, but the creation vs. evolution issue is not just a trivial matter. The Bible declares that God created humans different from every animal, stamping us with His own image. He did so to enable us to have a loving relationship with Himself. But, because of our pride and disobedience, that relationship has been broken. Jesus Christ died and came back to life to forgive us of our sin and restore the relationship with God. It is activated the moment you ask Jesus to forgive you and take over the leadership of your life. If you haven’t done that yet, I hope you will soon!


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