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Susan Gallagher, Parents Rights In Education

Hillsboro School District may roll out a NEW health and sexuality curriculum implementing Gender Identity, Gender roles, Gender Expression, “different families,” and explicit sexuality education in your child’s classroom. Come to the open house on June 4, 7-8 pm Shute Park Library 775 SE 10th Ave., Hillsboro, OR 97123

You have a chance to weigh in!  

Concerned Hillsboro teacher and parents reviewed the sexually explicit curriculum, which is likely to have long term harmful effects on your children.  Examples of content include:

  • Lesson 1, p.29  Discusses masturbation, but says it should be done in private. Not age appropriate for a mixed classroom of 10-11 yr. old children.
    Violation of Oregon’s Sexuality Education Standards of Age Appropriate and Medically Accurate.
  • Lesson 4, p. 20 Normalizes no-boundaries sexual behavior and gives children the responsibility and authority to consent to sex—or not.
  • Lesson 6, p. 25 Offers scenario of 3 boys dating each other, with role play.  This is clearly setting children up to experiment with homosexuality/sodomy, without accurate and complete information about the risks to their health or well-being. This lesson is not age appropriate.  It also (and throughout My Future My Choice) ignores and violates Oregon’s Age of Consent law. ORS 163.315
  • My Future My Choice  defines the different kinds of condoms and dental dams, and where to get them.  Shows pictures of ‘barrier methods’ and suggests that they are ‘safe’.  Again, violates Oregon Sex ed standards, and ignores Oregon’s Consent Law.
  • Lesson 1, p. 12  Children are advised that they do not have to ‘identify’ with the sex they were ‘assigned’ at birth. Not medically accurate nor age appropriate.

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