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I subscribe to an abundance of women’s magazines. Every month I am beset upon by women writing article after article on how to be themselves and claim what they have earned. I suspect I know where it all started – possibly in Hollywood, possibly in politics. Anyhow, it seems as if every article addresses, at some point, how women are losing ground and all the things we, as women, should be doing to maintain any sort of authority, ability, or authenticity. Honestly, I have discontinued two of these magazines because I can’t stand this ridiculous rhetoric anymore!

Since I have been on this earth 80 years in September, I have never felt inferior or looked down upon. I have always been the person I am. I just figure with the right equipment I can do anything I want to. I know for a fact I have made the world a better place – especially for dogs! I have a spoken up for my family when it was needed. Then there’s the whole self-esteem thing. Ladies, the only way you lose that is if you give it away! If it weren’t for women, the economy wouldn’t exist.

Honestly, I never thought I would see the day when women wouldn’t know what they wanted to be. We all secretly know what we want to be! It takes courage sometimes to make it happen. Maybe we have to admit to making a bad decision or two. Any woman can survive this confession and be unafraid to confront ourselves. We can make it better. We don’t need to be “armed and dangerous.” We were born that way. One has only to look clearly at what we do. We teach even if we are not certified teachers. We practice self defense every day of our lives because if we don’t do it, no one else will. We have been known to smile even if inside we are upset. Somehow, we know this just makes life a little better.

We are fearless protectors of those less fortunate. We can be pulled in ten different directions and not only survive but accomplish. We live with open minds and open hearts. We shut out nothing. This is what we are about. So, what is the big fuss about our collective images? Beats me! I think being a member of the fairer sex is definitely an advantage.

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