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James Buchal, Multnomah County Republican Chair

Ms. Schow

Multnomah County Republican Party Chairman James Buchal announced that student Mika Schow, president of the Grant High School conservative group Speak Up, has joined the lawsuit charging the Portland Public Schools (PPS) with misuse of taxpayer funds and violations of the constitutional rights of taxpayers and students.

“We are pleased to announce the involvement of Ms. Schow,” said Buchal, “and she has provided important information about Leftist indoctrination programs at Grant and the Leftist cooption of student governments at PPS, which has provided important amendments to the initial complaint.  We learned that most student leaders are now screened by PPS officials though limited entry into ‘Leadership’ classes rather than being the product of democratic choices by students.”

Schow adds:  “Although their voices may not be heard, conservative students are tired of the unfair treatment they face at school. No student deserves to have their education interrupted by a political agenda. We hope this lawsuit will be the first step towards a nonpartisan PPS.”

Unfortunately, the filing of the complaint has thus far had no effect in curbing PPS’s misuse of funds to promote Leftist causes.  On April 25th, PPS, in collaboration with the Portland Association of Teachers, held a meeting to advance implementation of its ongoing agenda to train “activists and leaders for social and environmental justice”.  And the PPS Board has announced it will close the entire school system on May 8th, imposing massive costs on Portland parents struggling to arrange substitute child care, to assist Portland teachers in massive political demonstrations in Salem.

“Oregonians should not have to fund armies of political officers inserting Leftist views on ‘climate justice’ and gun control into every class, even math and English,” said Buchal.  “Training Oregon’s children to be cannon fodder for the Revolution is not what most parents want.”


Amended Complaint

PPS “Climate Literacy” Materials


MCRP Office, 503-956-0919

James Buchal, MRCP Chair, 503-227-1011

Mika Schow, 503-867-4969

James L. Buchal

Murphy & Buchal LLP

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