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Marlon Furtado

Photo credit: Blausen.com staff (2014). “Medical gallery of Blausen Medical 2014”. WikiJournal of Medicine 1 (2)

Hopefully this article won’t be too technical or uninteresting. My purpose is to convince you that the physical process of hearing can only be explained as the brilliance of God’s design and creation. It is far too complex to be the result of Darwin’s evolution.

If evolution were true then humanity is nothing more than the result of a long string of random changes that have fortunately, but accidentally, produced a DNA so complex that it is able to guide every step of your development in your mother’s womb. Evolution’s tenet is that these changes occurred slowly, by piecemeal, over a very long period of time without any design. After you read this article, I’d like to hear how plausible you think it is for our hearing to be anything but God’s magnificent design.

Our ear captures sound waves and directs those waves down our ear canal into our skull to a thin eardrum at its far end. Extending from the back of our throat into our skull is the eustachian tube, which forms the middle ear on the inner side of your eardrum. This tube serves to equalize air pressure on both sides of the eardrum (that’s why you open your mouth when you drive up the mountain or take off in an airplane). Within that tube are 3 very small bones which are connected to one another, the hammer, anvil, and stirrup.

They serve to transfer the sound waves from the eardrum to a fibrous window on the snail-shaped cochlea encased deeper within your skull. The cochlea has three fluid-filled channels.

Within one of the fluid-filled channels is the Organ of Corti with 16,000 short hairs. As sound waves push on the eardrum, the three bones mechanically transfer the movement to the cochlea, which converts the mechanical movements to fluid vibrations. Different hairs are activated by different vibrations. As these hairs move, they send electrical signals down very small nerves. These nerves join to form the auditory nerve which carries these signals to the brain. Finally, there is an area in your brain that interprets the signals as various frequencies of sound.

To summarize, sound waves are turned into mechanical movements which become fluid vibrations, which convert into electrical signals, which are carried to the brain, which are interpreted as sounds. Boy, it takes a lot of BLIND FAITH to believe all this just happened by accident over a long period of time!

As added proof that this is no accident, we have this process happening on BOTH sides of our heads. Without ALL of these parts being in place, working together seamlessly, no one would hear a thing. We’d be stone deaf. We couldn’t enjoy music or hear a baby cry or listen to birds singing. Absolutely nothing!

It’s obvious that computers and other high-tech items are designed and created by very smart people. Being far more complex than anything man can create, you also have been designed and created by a brilliant Person, by God. Don’t buy the lie that you are the result of millennia of random changes by a Mindless Evolution! You are Designed and Loved by God.

There is also a spiritual dimension to hearing. The Bible says, “If you hear His voice, don’t harden your hearts.” Instead of hearing God’s voice with our physical ears, we hear Him with our heart. The Bible tells us that our sin has pushed God away and caused a separation between us and Him. But, because He wants a personal relationship with us, Jesus has provided a remedy for our sin. His death and resurrection make it possible to be forgiven and have a close friendship with God. When we “hear” this good news about Jesus, we are not to stiffen our necks and refuse to submit to Him. Just as a doctor diagnoses a malignancy because he wants to restore someone’s health, God points out our sin because He wants to restore a personal relationship with each of us. Now, that’s the kind of news everyone needs to hear!


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