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By Connie Warnock, NW Connection

Let’s face it – snow is a kind of novelty for us. Unless it’s December. Even then it’s not exactly common. If we should have a “white Christmas” we go nuts! It’s like “how neat is this!” We thank our lucky stars, pull on our boots, and put on our snow tires. We discreetly chuckle at those whose cars are sidelined roadside. We use the fireplace for the first time all year. We constantly look outside as though the weather has become some sort of miracle. We make thick soups and leave towels on the floor. We don’t complain about drying off little dog feet – even though it is a heck of a lot of feet! Bending over is good for us – right? All of this brings me to last week.

I decided to have some “me” time. My life had been busy of late due to a decision to part with half of my antique glass collection. It’s never an easy process. However, I managed to consign my pieces to a Portland auction house that seemed like an old friend I hadn’t seen in a long time.

That being accomplished, I needed some time away. And so, mid-afternoon I grabbed a notebook and drove to the country. Literally fifteen minutes from town, I found a quiet place and pulled off onto a paved road. To my delight, a deer wandered by! Soon, a tiny snow flake found its way onto my windshield. How beautiful, I thought and since I love to dabble in free verse, I grabbed my pen and went at it. Looking up from pen and paper about twenty minutes later, I noticed the little snowflake had been joined by friends and family! I got out of the car to stick out my tongue and catch some snow. The road was clear even as the flakes began to stick.

I decided, after a bit, that it would be nice to eat in town. I called my husband and arranged to meet him at our favorite restaurant. Lights from cars on the main road cast reassuring shadows on my little world. Soon, however, it was time to turn around and leave for civilization. I started the car and slowly moved forward. Another car easily passed me. Then I hit a slight rise in the road. Oops! My trusted car slipped. I braked and tried again. This time I ended up in a berry bush!

At this point, my love affair with snow went to “you know where” in a “handbasket!” Clearly, I was going nowhere. The snow had vastly increased in volume. I called husband and son. Neither one could do the job and AAA hung up on me. So, after locking the car, we went to dinner. Husband has snow tires! Son kept my keys and met AAA the next day. Two scratches from barbed wire, much cursing of snow, and one article later, I await Summer in all it’s warm, sunny, and yes sometimes rainy, glory! Snow angels are highly overrated!

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