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Dan Nebert

“This past month, 76,000 illegals attempted to cross the southern U.S border.” The Immigration Reform and Control Act was enacted in November 1986 — with expectations by Reagan and other politicians that Congress would address the immigration issue within the year. It is now more than 32 years later, and Congress continues to kick the can down the road.

Since 1986, the estimated number of illegals in this country now ranges between 12 million and 20 million. Let’s assume, for the sake of simplicity, the number is 16 million; divided by 32 years, this amounts to 500,000 per year. When does an illegal “mass migration” qualify as an “invasion” — or a “national emergency?” “One million illegals in one year?” “One million a month?” “One million a day?” At some point, Congress must wake up and consider the consequences of this incipient illegal invasion, which is destroying the very fiber of America.
Dan Nebert
Clackamas County

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