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Gordon J. Fulks, PhD (Physics)

Governor Kate Brown

Dear Governor Brown,

I noticed with considerable amazement that you characterized ‘Global Warming’ as “The crisis of our time.” That is far beyond how most Oregonians rate this issue, even those who count themselves as ‘true believers.’ We have many problems in Oregon that deserve much more of your attention and funding than a hypothetical problem that is best characterized as fraud.

Every time I drive through Portland, I am reminded of the enormous homeless problem that you seem unable to address. Closely connected to that are mental health and drug addiction problems that you likewise seem unable to address. Over the years two dead bodies have been dumped on my property, one a heroin overdose and the other a Mexican drug dealer apparently shot by his gang. These are related to the issues of illegal immigration and free passage of large quantities of drugs across the Mexican border. Why don’t you support strong action against these very real crises?

Then there are the issues of a dying Middle Class, because many cannot get good jobs anymore, thanks to our exporting many overseas. President Trump has been taking strong action to reverse this slide, with considerable success. But there are still dark clouds on the horizon as we approach another significant round of automation that will drastically reduce the number of jobs in transportation, from driving trucks to taxicabs. Self-driving cars and trucks are about to invade Oregon.

Automation will also reduce the number of people involved in manufacturing, as still more automation replaces those workers who just regained their jobs from China. Have you thought about these problems, let alone considered effective remedies? Or is your head still in the clouds, worried about Global Warming?

As a reality check, I spoke to an overflow audience at a Vancouver City Council meeting the other night, where they had a heavy police presence to deal with an angry crowd. I came to talk to the overwhelmingly Democrat crowd and council about your favorite topic: Global Warming. And I was stunned to be called to testify first. When I have testified in Salem to Democrat controlled committees, they force me to sit through hours of testimony supporting climate hysteria to testify last, after everyone has gone home, and the committee is half asleep.

What I told the crowd was an abbreviated version of what I had planned to say, because of time constraints:

Good Evening.

My name is Dr. Gordon Fulks. I have a Bachelors, Masters, and PhD in Physics and more than half a century of experience in Physics. I am also one of the Directors of the CO2 Coalition, a voluntary position where we attempt to set the record straight about carbon dioxide, a beneficial gas that is the source of all life on this planet. We are all carbon creatures deriving ALL of our carbon from atmospheric CO2.

I was appointed to the CO2 Coalition Board at the suggestion of Princeton Professor of Physics Will Happer. Happer is the top physicist in the United States and serves as the President’s science advisor. He has suggested a Presidential Commission to look into the greatest (and I might add successful) scientific scam in history. He is supported by many, including Nobel Laureate in Physics Ivar Giaever, a Democrat who campaigned for President Obama.

One of the roles of physicists is to defend the integrity of science against all who would scam it, whatever their political affiliation. That typically involves disputing those who try to turn science into a popularity or credentials contest. Proper science involves sturdy logic and robust evidence only.

In response to the book ‘100 against Einstein’ written long ago, Einstein famously said “Why a hundred? One man can prove me wrong.”

Here today, you are proposing to dive headlong into the Global Warming swamp, believing that you somehow need to do something to save the planet.

Let me suggest instead that you should be concentrating on saving science from those who are vastly misusing it. Scientific illiteracy is rampant in our area, made all the worse by teachers scaring children with stories of an apocalypse that can only be stopped by giving up modern civilization.

Vancouver, Washington is a tiny part of the State of Washington that itself is a tiny part of the wider world. Human carbon emissions in Washington are about 0.2% of the worldwide total of about 10 GtC per year. One GtC is a billion metric tons of carbon. The 10 GtC is in turn a small fraction of the 800 GtC presently in the atmosphere and a small fraction of the 200 GtC that Mother Nature dumps into the atmosphere from the biosphere and from the oceans every year. Whatever we put into the atmosphere does not accumulate anymore than what Mother Nature contributes. It is quickly recycled into new life. With recent increases, we have witnessed a greening of the Earth from NASA satellites.

Nevertheless, some will insist that the elaborate computer models of climate are correctly able to predict a dire future. Nothing could be further from the truth as Professor of Mathematical and Theoretical Physics, Gerhard Gerlich said:

“To derive climate catastrophes from these computer games and to scare Mankind to death is a crime.”

“It cannot be overemphasized that even if the [fluid] equations are simplified considerably, one cannot determine numerical solutions, even for small space regions and even for small time intervals.

“This situation will not change in the next 1000 years regardless of progress made in computer hardware. As the extremely simplified one-fluid equations are unsolvable, the many-fluid equations would be more unsolvable, the equations that include the averaged equations describing the turbulence would be yet more unsolvable, if “unsolvable” had a comparative.”

“Hence, the computer simulations of global climatology are not based on physical laws.”

Dr. Michael Crichton

The late Michael Crichton summarized the dilemma we all face:

“The greatest challenge facing mankind is the challenge of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda.

Perceiving the truth has always been a challenge to mankind, but in the information age (or as I think of it, the disinformation age) it takes on a special urgency and importance”
Thank you for realizing that Mother Nature is very much running this planet. We humans are not close, even if our enormous egos tell us otherwise.

When I finished, there was complete silence. No one heckled me or shouted profanities or even disputed what I said. The next person to testify solidly supported what I said.
When I took my seat among a group of Blacks angry about recent police shootings that left several dead, there was no hostility towards me (an obviously aging White male). In fact, the young Black woman sitting next to me leaned over to thank me for what I said.

I was stunned and you should be also, Governor. No one in the crowd of Democrats ranted about what you call “the crisis of our time.” They wanted to talk about those topics you consider mundane: alleged police brutality, drug abuse, mental illness, homelessness, ‘war zones’ of criminality in our city centers, bike paths versus parking spaces, and so on. And they were angry with the Democrat-controlled Vancouver City Council for not addressing the issues that mattered to them.

There was no hostility towards a real scientist who was suggesting that Vancouver cut out the climate nonsense. ‘Global Warming’ is not even an issue with a Middle Class facing very real challenges.

Gordon J. Fulks, PhD
Corbett, Oregon USA
Gordon J. Fulks holds a doctorate in physics from the University of Chicago’s Laboratory for Astrophysics and Space Research. Hecan be reached at gordonfulks@hotmail.com.




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One Response to An Open Letter To Oregon Governor Kate Brown -” Global Warming Is The Crisis Of Our Time” – Opinion

  • Gordon, when you make your presentations be sure to plead: please don’t scare the children, and do this with proper hand and arm gestures (pulling them into towards your breast and heart) like Kate Brown does so as to indicate you really, really care about the children.

    You wouldn’t be surprised how many in the electorate vote on emotion, and not logic and properly referenced facts.

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