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Marlon Furtado

Before I became a pastor, I was a chiropractor for eight years. I’ve always been fascinated with the human body and chiropractic training fed that interest. Three years before starting my chiropractic training, I had come to know Christ as my Savior, becoming one of His followers. As I learned more about the human body, it was obvious to me that God designed it and created it, rather than it being assembled haphazardly by evolution’s accidental mutations.

One example is the eye. In order for it to work it must have a smooth socket in which to move. There are seven bones that make up this socket. This could not have been formed over long periods of time because without all seven of them having their particular shape, there would have been no place for the eye to sit. Also, there are six small muscles inside the socket to move the eye in all directions. But even with a socket, an eye, and muscles to move it, they would be worthless of without an optic nerve and a brain that could interpret light signals. And if that is not enough, if you want to accept evolution, you need two of all these structures to form at the same time in order to have human sight. In addition, I haven’t even begun to discuss the intricacies inside the eye which are far more complicated than any camera.

Besides the eye, you need all the other organs working properly inside our bodies in order to exist and to reproduce. Evolution has no explanation for human life before there was a stomach, or pancreas, or heart, or lungs, or uterus. As with the eye, every organ had to be completely functional at the very beginning of life in order for it to survive.

I enjoyed learning about the inner structure of each of the trillions of cells that make up our bodies. Each one is like a small manufacturing plant. To create energy from our foods requires a variety of chemical processes perfectly coordinated to have the proper ingredient available at the proper time in the proper quantity in order to complete the next step in the process.

And if all that weren’t enough, evolution would require two of these completed humans to develop at the same time in the same location, one as a male and the other a female to be able to reproduce to form another human. Does the word “impossible” come to mind? It takes so much less faith to believe that God created man and woman by His intentional design and power.

The human body is a fascinating study of the order, imagination, and creative power of God. But I don’t want you to miss this. The Bible declares that “you are wonderfully made” by the hand of a gracious Creator. God created you on purpose. He formed you in your mother’s womb with the exact features that He loves. You are not a mistake nor the sum of evolution’s random accidents.

I hope this short article will encourage you to put your trust in this One who loves you enough to pay the high price to forgive your sin through the voluntary death of His Son, the Lord Jesus.                                                   revmar51@gmail.com

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