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Mary Jo Conniff

One of the great grand-kids carrying on the tradition.

My siblings and I are 50% hardcore, no-kidding Irish. The Maguire name is revered all the way from my Boston-born and raised Da to my precious grandchildren. My oldest held the surname until she married, then changed it legally to be a part of her middle name. Her children have grown up as proud Maguires. I named my youngest in honor of the family, and she kept Maguire when she married. Her three-year-old baby girl was given the middle name Lucia-Maguire. Her Papa is a beautiful Italian man, cool accent and all, so even though this incredible child is less Irish than she is Italian and Hispanic (my other 50% is from strong Spanish and Mexican stock) she will continue to embrace the Maguire name.

As you can imagine, Saint Patrick’s Day is kinda important to our clan. One March many years ago, we decided to celebrate at an Irish pub owned by a man Dad knows. Queue laughter. When we could not fit into the mob scene there, we needed a plan B. Someone suggested an interesting idea that the Maguire family move our festivities to a near-by Mexican restaurant, Ajo Al’s. Yes, we wore our green plastic derbies and shamrock shaped beads! Our patriarch

Several Great-Grand children enjoying the gathering of the Maguire Clan.

Maguire Clan & Friends gathered at Ajo Al’s Mexican Restaurant in Phoenix, AZ.

sang robust Irish ditties, and led us in prayer thanking God for our bounty. Enchiladas, burritos, fajitas were all served by a waitress wearing the hat and beads given to her.

Although our clan has added beauties less Irish than “other,” and Maguires have spread their family honor to other cities and towns across the country (from Maine to Hawaii), we who still live nearby gather to celebrate our name and our extreme pride in our Boston-Irish roots every March. And Dad sings traditional Irish songs and we all wear green accessories. So does the lucky wait staff who have told us that they are honored to serve us.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, no green beer is ordered, but a few adults toast with a cerveza to our amazing Hispanic roots! Slalnte, and vaya con Dios!
See you on Cinco de Mayo when we celebrate our Estevez de Guzman Spanish/Mexican Yaqui name!

Mary Jo Maguire Conniff
Shannon Patricia-Maguire Barnes
Taylor Maguire Conniff

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