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It can turn your life upside down. We sleep in a California King-sized bed. As I write that it seems weird. Why is it called that? California is not a bed – nor does it have a king! For some reason it must have something to do with its size. At any rate, that is a description of our bed. Husband weighs two of me – so he is always too warm. I am always barely above frozen! The solution was a heated mattress pad with dual controls. This worked great for a long, long time. I loved getting into a nice warm bed and “sleeping like a teenager” according to husband.

However, came the morning when instead of a “number” to turn off I saw “KB,” as in kicked bucket, on the dial! I was cold. There was no long illness with this mattress pad. It was over and done with and cold. Now you would think, replace it, right? Well, BB and B (local mattress pad store) was all out. In fact, so was every other store where one might look. Instead of sleeping like a teenager, I was mainly not sleeping at all! Hello – crabby!

Husband put a small portable heater on my nightstand. It was loud and if I did sleep, I had nightmares! It took my dog nanny, who got plain tired of my crabbiness and yawning to point me in the right direction. We could order a humongous heated mattress pad online, complete with the requisite dual controls. And that is what we did. She suggested a store to order from and then we waited for it to arrive. I’m afraid I did not suffer in silence.

Last Wednesday it arrived. An hour later it was on the bed. Last night I crawled into a very warm bed and no nightmares! Just the deep unconcerned sleep of a teeny bopper. Hubby’s side doesn’t work yet. I have a good attitude about this, however. He’ll figure it out. Meanwhile, I will crawl into my warm nest to zonk out again tonight. After all, I have a lot on my plate these days – running a home for pregnant stinkbugs. But, that’s another article.

It has been said that getting out of your comfort zone will help you grow and get stronger. This doesn’t apply to beds! Rather, it will make you crabby and sniffly. Warm and warmer! Now, that’s the best medicine!

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