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The Commissioners have scheduled public hearings on creation of a new ‘county wide’ vehicle registration fee that would be in addition to the present state vehicle registration fee. The first public hearing is on February 7th, followed by a second public hearing on February 21st when the Commissioners are expected to pass the new (tax) fee.

Attend the public hearings and tell the Commissioners what you think of their new tax/fee.

Normally, county law requires a public vote to create or increase a vehicle registration fee, but with the use of a special loophole created by the state legislature, this type of tax can now be classified as a public use fee that the county can impose on Citizens without a public vote.

This Vehicle Registration Fee is in addition to the existing state gas tax, car registration, and other fees the county already receives.

State Gas Taxes and State Vehicle Registration Fees were increased in 2017 by the state legislature and according to a county memo on 1-22-18, “Clackamas County will receive an additional $3 million in 2018, increasing each year until 2027, when the additional amount from those fees and taxes is projected to be approximately $13 million” (per year). “That additional $13 million is expected to grow and continue in subsequent years.”

The question this brings, is why does the county need a new car registration fee when it will receive annual ‘increasing’ money from the state? The county’s new car registration fee should not be needed for county road maintenance, if that is the county’s intention. The annual money from the state should instead be used for road maintenance.

Can you afford it? Inform your neighbors, family members, and friends about these public meetings, and tell the Commissioners this is unnecessary taxation and wrong without a vote.

Public Hearings
Commissioners Business Meeting 4th Floor
February 7th, Thursday at 10:00 AM & February 21st, Thursday at 6:00 PM 2051 Kean Road Oregon City 97045

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