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By Marlon Furtado, Associate Pastor, Greater Gresham Baptist Church

By Marlon Furtado, Associate Pastor, Greater Gresham Baptist Church

O Bottle, I’m so glad to be rid of you.

When I first met you in my senior year of high school…I thought you were my friend

That first screwdriver Steve fixed at his dad’s bar was GREAT!

I had the BEST time at the dance.liquor-bottle-pourers

Sober by the end. Perfect…NO IDEA WHAT I HAD BEEN MISSING.


Next weekend, I expected more of the same at our school’s dance.

I should have known something was wrong when the logs on the beach started moving as soon as we DOWNED the last of the vodka & orange juice.

Only memory…two friends walking me through my house and putting me to bed.

In the morning, why was there all this orange stuff on my face?

Oh…that was from swimming in my own orange vomit…AWESOME

I’m sure my classmates were IMPRESSED!


You’d think I’d swear off the stuff. But I bought your lie.

You promised exciting weekends at college…gooood times!

Only things you delivered were blackouts, being carried into my apartment…headaches in AM…embarrassment…guilt.


You said I’d have the world by the tail, but it turned out to be the tail of a dragon.

But I continued to buy your lie that I was really LIVING…that this was ADULTHOOD.

You promised in all those beer commercials that I’d drive fancy cars and have shapely girls all around me.

NOT ONCE did you deliver!


I met your friends, weed and amphetamines.

You said they would add even more excitement to my life.

Once again I bought the lie.


Like a well-hidden fishing hook, you lured me closer.

Once hooked, the bait turned bitter…PAIN as the hook dug deeper.

Against my best efforts, I couldn’t swim free… I was slowly being reeled in to my death.

Too late I realized that you weren’t my friend.


There had to be a better way…

But it seemed like this was “normal” for my friends, too.

Was freedom even possible?

Did life without you even exist?


Jesus, I once thought You were just a killjoy…wanting only to SUCK the fun out of life…make it BORING.

Your name was nothing more than a swear word to color my vocabulary.


But, then, I learned You actually loved me…that You wanted a FRIENDSHIP… with me.

After meeting You, I finally found freedom; I found LIFE…experienced PEACE & JOY…anything but boring!


O bottle…O weed…O pills…you all were such liars.

I’m so glad to be free of you.

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