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Mickie Natonick

Apple of His Eye Charity: prayerful hour

One hour? Do I have one hour? Well, I could eat lunch…or I could text a friend…or play “Words with Friends.” I could run my many errands, and drive over to Starbucks and get a quick coffee…but did I hear that there are some people meeting for an hour to pray?

My friend who runs Apple of His Eye Charity, felt compelled to open their office each day for prayer. One hour, Mon- Fri. from noon – 1pm. Who would come? Who would give up their lunch hour to pray for the orphan, widow, poor and forgotten around the world?

Tj was called to start this charity through a penny she found on the ground while running. She had been arguing with God about taking the next step, but God definitely got her attention during this prayer run. At first, she dismissed the dirty penny as worthless and didn’t bother to pick it up. But no sooner had she run past it then the Lord convicted her saying “TJ, that is exactly what the world thinks of my orphans and widows, that they too are dirty and not worth stopping for.”

That was several years ago, and now God has blessed the charity with an office in downtown Gresham. They have 3 comfortable chairs when you walk in. The chairs encircle a round glass table that holds a Star. STAR is the word they use to describe each of us who are a part of this charity through giving and serving. The word BELIEVE is also in big letters on the table next to a Rwandan man on a colorful little bike with fruit filled baskets on his back. Will those chairs be utilized? Will people come to this Sweet Hour of Prayer?

I felt God nudging me to come on Tuesdays and so I came that first Tuesday. Yes! Those chairs were occupied, and another chair had to be pulled in. One was with a young man who was struggling with a health issue, he trusted the rest of us with his being vulnerable. We prayed over, with, and around him. Yes, that is part of what the Lord wanted to do that day. Psalm 5:3 “Lord in the morning I lay my requests before YOU and wait in EXPECTATION.” He had to get back to work. We then took on “the prayer of a righteous person that has great power” (James 5:16b) and began to beg the Lord to be with our partners in India and Rwanda: Jacob, Israel, and Emmanuel. Anoint them Lord with Your power, endurance, love, joy, wisdom, and discernment as they share Your salvation, Your love, Your care, Your compassion.

Then the next Tuesday came and again I was led to this powerful, incredible, Spirit led, Sweet Hour of Prayer. How could I not give up one hour to intercede for those most vulnerable. I was so energized…the passion of the people in the circle of prayer was palpable. This Tuesday we lifted up the orphans that are being shepherded by the leaders.

We thought and prayed about their circumstances and how they have lived on the streets as little urchins to survive. Incomprehensible! But we know the Lord comprehends the sorrows and struggles of this earthly life and wants us to lift His children up to HIM. “True spirituality that is pure in the eyes of our Father God is to make a difference in the lives of the orphans, and widows in their troubles,” (James 1:27a)

“We love you Lord and we lift our voice to worship You, oh my soul rejoice. Take joy my King in what You hear. Let it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear.” Yes! Thank You Lord for nudging me to be where there is passion to join in the most important thing we can do to make change in Your World! PRAY! PRAISE! CARE! GIVE OF OURSELVES! SWEET HOUR OF PRAYER!

Please consider joining Apple of His Eye Charity in prayer during your next lunch hour: 11 NE 10th Dr., Gresham OR 97030 (Next to Sweet Betty’s).

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