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Marlon Furtado

Heroes. Our televisions and movies are filled with super-heroes. Men and women gifted with special abilities to fight crime. Do we really believe someone can throw fire from their hands, or throw up an energy shield to withstand an explosion, or fly at will, or stop speeding cars with their hands? Of course not. It’s our way of stating our wish that someone could fight the evil around us and bring about justice.

Injustice is a sad reality in every corner of our globe. Good does not always triumph over evil. In fact, many times it seems that greed and hatred win out. Poverty and abuse destroy countless lives. Who can we call on to fight these battles? For Lois Lane, her faint cry instantly brought Superman to her rescue. For Gotham City, a light in the sky notified Batman that he was needed. Who is it for you? Is there anyone who listens to your whimpers, or your fears, and comes to your aid?

Unlike the comic books, Jesus is a real person. Two millennia ago He took off His heavenly robes and wrapped Himself in humanity. He suffered all the injustice of man’s sin when He died on the cross. But He also declared His victory over death and evil when He burst forth from His tomb three days later. Today, He is alive and ready to respond to our cries for help! He doesn’t promise to always change our circumstances the way we wish, but He promises to replace our anxieties and cares with peace and hope.

I can complain about the evil in others, but I find that I have the same problem in my heart. I’m not saying that I am always bent on bringing harm to others. But I have the potential of doing great damage to those around me because of the selfishness that lurks inside. The cure for all the injustice in the world is a radical change in the human heart. I have not found anything or anyone who can do that as well as Jesus. I hope you will turn to Him as your personal Hero, too.

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