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The Inspector

Troutdale Taxpayers; Are You Being Fleeced?

In last month’s NWC we provided the nuts and bolts to the Urban Renewal Project east of the Columbia Gorge Outlets in Troutdale. We have come across new information.

Here is what we know so far:

The Urban Renewal Committee is made up of City Council members who have voted to enter into contract with Eastwind Development L.L.C.Eastwind Development LLC is owned by Junki Yoshida.
Eastwind Development owns 7.72 acres next door to the City property.
The City property comprises 11.86 acres.
The City property is being offered to Eastwind Development for 1.5 million.
The City has committed to condemning a storefront at the Columbia Gorge Outlets, removing the storefront and building a new street access. This could involve massive legal fees, court, and construction costs estimates of $2.9 million to 3.5 million.
Here is what got our attention:
The City is selling their property for $126,475.00 per acre.
If the City is unsuccessful in their condemnation they are committed to buying the Eastwind property for $272,021.00 per acre.
Was the City property open to other prospective buyers?
Why was this offer given exclusively to Eastwind Development?
Is Commissioner Eric Anderson who brokered this deal in Eastwind Development’s office with Yoshida attorney Matt Wand, in 30 minutes, a professional licensed real estate broker with years of experience in negotiating large transactions? Source: http://www.pamplinmedia.com/go/42-news/303609-181355-anderson-troutdale-council-needs-to-step-up
Did Anderson disclose that he had contact with Eastwind Development and his attorney at the beginning of the Urban Renewal Committee meeting?
Did Anderson recuse himself from voting since there was an obvious conflict of interest?
If Anderson voted, did his vote taint the agreement with Eastwind Development to the point of making it illegal?
Here is what you can do:

File a complaint with the State of Oregon, Oregon Government and Ethics commission. This will open up an investigation by the State.
The following City Councilors voted in favor of this contract. Mayor Doug Daoust, Councilor John Wilson, Councilor Eric Anderson, Councilor Larry Morgan
Next send in letters to the editors of the NWC and other publications. We look forward to your comments.
Form a citizen group of likeminded taxpayers who thinks this deal is odiferous.
Use the social media. Citizens putting the spotlight on their elected officials can stop these types of backroom deals that cost taxpayers millions.
The ball is in your court Troutdale taxpayers!
In the next edition of NWC we will provide what we believe is a solution for the development of the City property at a fraction of the cost to taxpayers.
-The Northwest Connection

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