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By Connie Warnock

Every day we are subjected to media. Media is rarely positive. Positive does not sell air time or magazines. Disaster does. Disaster also sells drugs to make us “feel better” and try to function in a more productive way. Society has always had its easy ways out.

My theory is this: the more one can focus on one’s immediate situation and surroundings, the better. This means: make a friend; phone a friend; see a friend. Know you are needed, because you are. Be a realist. Stay away from delusions. Focus on yourself and pay attention to you. Maybe you choose to pay attention in a manner that is a bit unusual – just do it. You are the one who can save your own life.

Value yourself to the max. Do not be afraid to spend time with “you.” Cut yourself some slack and give yourself credit. Become part of a team – mentally or physically. Know that we all have “down” times, and that’s when you say “enough.” At this time in our lives we need to be able to communicate freely with ourselves. We need to not be afraid to confront uncomfortable feelings, and once confronted, scatter them to the winds! Human nature has its good side and its very critical, nit-picking downside. Know that the “downside” is a coward and you can send it packing.

Last week, while working, my daughter had an interesting experience. She was taking care of a customer – a youngish woman, who had lovely long, painted fingernails. My daughter complimented this woman on her nails. The woman replied, “Thank you. No one ever notices me.” She explained that at one time she had worked in the beauty industry, but due to her last job in a medical office, she was not able have long, painted nails. An illness had forced her to retire, but she was able to enjoy her nails again.

The compliment from my daughter meant so much to her. After she left, my daughter told me the story with tears streaming. “Mom, she was so attractive, but it seemed so sad that no one ever notices her.” My response was to tell my daughter to keep up the good work! Life is tough – and we have not trained to be fighters. However, fight we must.
Know that you can make or be the difference…for yourself or a total stranger. Be the bright spot. It’s the best medicine.

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